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Glock Spade

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Drill sergeants and grunts alike call the familiar field shovel the “E-tool,” short for “entrenching tool.” But compared to the Glock spade, most of these are stone age. Glock, the famous maker of sophisticated weapons, combined lightweight alloys and advanced resins to produce a tool of sheer genius that is so superior you might end up seeking out rough camping areas just to have the pleasure of using it. (…Naah) Its 180° foldable, extendable handle contains a sawblade and the shovel blade’s angle is adjustable. The saw extension hidden inside the handle cuts wood fast. In worldwide military use. 25"×6"×2" extended, 10"×6"×2" folded. 2 lbs.


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Customer Reviews (4)

Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
Cases for this shovel will be available after 8/1/11.
Customer service. (Posted on 7/5/11)
disappointed with my purchse from youReview by Talyn
I bought 2 of these glock spades,I thought they would include the carry pouch,they did not.
the spade is great,I bought it to carry in my jeeps survival box with an old entrenching tool I have had since 1967.

Just make sure the spade comes with the carry pouch,this place doesn't have the pouches. (Posted on 6/15/11)
Nice for off road and campingReview by Stan
It is a nice small package that unfolds positively. The shovel and saw blade appear durable for their size. It is a nice addition to off road and camping kit. (Posted on 6/10/11)
very cool toolReview by Don (roc ratz) Rhodes
Just got out of box and it looks very nice. Can't wait to find a down tree blocking our trails here in Co. and let my young strong nephew try it out. (Posted on 6/4/10)

Why do we sell pooping-in-the-woods trowels? Because we also carry all those Sporks. What goes in must come out. These also present and reinforce a perspective about riding and ‘exploring the world’. I’ve carried the folding steel one for years, and a small roll of TP flattened inside a zip-closed plastic bag. Boot-heels work only on the softest soil. Having a trowel along frees one to ride and camp just about anywhere, anytime. Which is the point.

– Mr. Subjective, 8-2014