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#2407 Glock Spade

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  • #2407 Glock Spade
  • #2407 Glock Spade
  • #2407 Glock Spade

Glock Spade #2407

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Drill sergeants and grunts alike call the familiar field shovel the “E-tool,” short for “entrenching tool.” But compared to the Glock spade, the standard shovel is stone age. Glock, the world famous maker of sophisticated weapons, combined lightweight alloys and advanced resins to produce a tool of sheer genius that is so superior you might end up seeking out rough camping areas just to have the pleasure of using it. (…Naah) The 180° foldable, extendable handle contains a sawblade and the shovel blade’s angle is adjustable. The saw extension hidden inside the handle cuts wood fast. In worldwide military use. 25"×6"×2" extended, 10"×6"×2" folded. 24 oz.


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