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Aerostich Mini Compressor

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This is the smallest, lightest compressor we carry and one of the most efficient you’ll find for its size. This stripped-down mini fits in the palm of your hand and will inflate any motorcycle tire in a couple minutes. When a larger compressor is too much bulk to carry along, and CO2 cartridges aren’t nearly enough for your trip, this dedicated pump will deliver continuous pressure without fail. What it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in performance – which is what you really need when you’re flat stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Has a nice long 26" inflator hose, 6' power cord, and packs small in included storage sack. Comes with three adaptors: SAE, cigarette lighter and alligator clips. Lock-down delivery valve fits all bikes. Also comes with carabiner clip, so you can attach the compressor to whatever you want out of the way and off the ground, instead of having it lay in the mud or dirt. Simple, compact, and dependable peace of mind. Pump is 3.5"×3.5"×.9". Packs to 7"×5"×3", 1.3 lb.

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Used once, worked greatReview by Errol
I never had an issue with this pump. The switch worked fine for me once I realized it rotated in one direction. I haven't had to use this for an emergency, but my friend and I checked our tire pressures in Fort St. John on our way from Reno, NV to Whitehorse, YT and it worked perfectly to get us both back up to a proper pressure.

I have one recommendation for the next revision of this product. Place a Schrader valve on the end of the outlet, just after it tees off to the pump hose. This way you can maintain the compact size while giving an easy way to attach a tire gauge to check pressure without having to constantly remove pump from the wheel. (Posted on 7/14/15)
No goReview by Echo15
Bought this several years ago for that "hope I never need it" situation. Well, finally had that situation and.....nothing. No power. No compression. Borrowed a bicycle hand pump to get home. (Posted on 4/8/15)
Small & Fast w/some flawsReview by Monty
This is one of the smallest and fastest pumps on the market (and cheapest) but as many have said in reviews, the switch is defective and the wires to the motor can become disconnected quite easily. I returned my first pump and received another with exactly the same problem with the switch. You have to bend the wires around the switch to get the pump to energize. I have decided that it will cost me the same to buy a more robust switch at Lowe's than to return the pump via UPS. There was another fellow who recommended that you dip some of the motor connections in vinyl coat to protect the connections from shorting out on the frame (sparks) and to use some locktite on other screws which could back themselves out. I will do all of these things as well. Most of the folks on my last ride liked the size and efficiency (quick air-up's) of this pump than the bigger, more expensive ones they were carrying. (Posted on 8/6/14)
Great Things in small packagesReview by HookedonHarley
I was a little dubious of this compressor after reading all the reviews talking of switches, open wires, and stuff breaking. But I could not find anything comparable, so decided to give it a try. I am pleasantly surprised. Yep, it has a few weak points, but it comes with a very usable storage bag, and, with a little care, this compressor works very nicely. If you are concerned about the switch and wire issues, they can be easily remedied, and I believe the compressor itself is worth the investment. (Posted on 7/16/14)
Size does matterReview by Mark
Small package in this case is a good thing. Has the power to fill, packs down small. The in-line cord switch is a little hinkey - takes a few times to get it to close the circuit. (Posted on 7/8/14)
Better than expectedReview by Cathleen
Gave it to my husband for his birthday. He has used it twice and is surprised at how fast it will pump up a flat tire. From zero to forty-seven pounds in just a few minutes. He doesn't like the exposed wires though. He fears they will be vulnerable to breakage floating around in a saddlebag. (Posted on 4/30/14)
not a good choiceReview by Darren
I thought this would be nice because it is the smallest of the options and less expensive. The tab that locks the nozzle to the valve stem broke completely off the very first time I used it. Now I am out of country and finding this bit is impossible. Go with the Cycle Pump. I have had one for years ant it still works. (Posted on 4/28/14)
It WorksReview by Trundlebike
Lost my first one to a thief, had to have another. Functional, durable, and has a great mechanical presence. Put loctite on all the screws and replace the switch if you must, but this device is a keeper. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Works but with problemsReview by Jerry
As others have stated the switch is terrible. I have had mine about 5 years. First time I used it (for practice) it went OK except extra practice getting the hose to clamp on deep enough to let air in. Next time the switch did not work. I had to take it apart and reconnect it. A couple of more times all OK just had to be careful seating the hose clamp and taking it off. The last time It aired up the tire but not to full pressure but the plastic gear cover came off, screws fell out. I am shopping for a better one. (Posted on 4/5/14)
Replace the SwitchReview by Dean
As it has been said numerous times; the switch is junk. Save yourself a potential crappy day and replace it right off. I've used mine a couple of times to repair tubeless flats and it works pretty well. (Posted on 3/12/14)
Mini with an MReview by Dave
Stores perfect under the tail section compartment of my R1200RT. Fabricated a couple of additional wire harnesses to work with the BMW power outlet and clips direct off a battery. Always remove the pump after washing the bike or a trip and test a couple time a year. (Posted on 12/2/13)
It's The Switch.....Review by Mike
The pump is powerful, fast, connects to the SAE plug on my Tiger, and is relatively compact, however like Franken Beemer and Woody, I found the switch to be...well, horrible. Last week I was all alone ten miles north of Mann Lake OR (the least populated area in the lower 48). I needed to "air up" after riding 42 miles of gravel, and the switch would only work if I pulled on the wires with one hand. Try airing a tire with one hand sometime. Astonishingly, my friend Bill from Maine experienced the same thing with the same model pump the foillowing day. A great pump and motor, but install a better switch when transiting the "Empty Places". (Posted on 9/12/13)
Compact PumpReview by John
After looking at several 12 VDC moto air pumps I decided to buy the Stitch version, mainly because of the easy to attach valve fitting, and better reliability reviews. All of the reviews pointed out the obvious deficiencies in this product, and as a former electronics technician I can relate to a couple of them. NUMBER 1. The electrical connections to the pump motor are bare and uninsulated. That is just sloppy design, and it would be easy for them to correct with a couple of layers of shrink tubing. I'll do that immediately. NUMBER 2. The motor and gear assembly are exposed, which leads me to believe this pump is adapted from something else. The plastic backbone (frame) seems to have obviously been designed to attach to something else; likely the other half of the motor/gear cover. NUMBER 3. The switch is a cheezy rotary lamp switch, which will likely need to be replaced with something a bit more rugged. It wouldn't take a lot of effort for Stitch to complete this design by just adding a motor/gear cover to the existing backbone (frame), then putting a rugged switch on that cover. Those few changes would create something that would look and operate like a professional product. Right now it looks like something someone knocked up in their garage. The other products out there either had a lot of reliability issues, which you don't want on some back road with a flat; or the valve connector was difficult to use, or unreliable. The pump works well but these other issues indicate a lack of professional design. (Posted on 7/19/13)
Perfect for R1150GSReview by Manuel
I have installed the cables to this little pump to the battery and fed then under the saddle to a good point to zip tie it for eazy access. Also bonus the pump with it's nice cover bag fit perfectly in the space that is left betwen the battery lower back side of gas tank and saddle on my 2004 R1150GS Adv. Just had to use it for the first time last week. After plugging the tyre pumping it up was slow.. maybe 10-15 min.. I did give it a rest in fear I may overheat the pump.. but all in all solid, compact and well gets the job done! And I am very happy with my purchase.. (Posted on 7/9/13)
Aerostich Mini CompressorReview by MICHAEL
purchased the mini compressor just in case I would need it; never thinking I really would. Well, went on an Arkansas bike trip with family on 3 bikes. One of the riders noticed a nail in my tire the first day. Plugged it and used the compressor to add air. It worked great. In just a minute or so, I had added 5-6 lbs. of pressure. Then, later in the trip, my brother-in-laws front tire was low. Used the Aerostich mini compressor and once again it worked very well. The compressor is also fairly small and doesn't take up much space. It hooked up easily to my 12 volt connector and it comes with 2 other ways to connect to the battery. If you are considering purchasing a compressor for you motorcycle, I highly recommend this one. (Posted on 7/9/13)
mini compressor we will use for other tires too.Review by Phillip
Don't know yet how good this as it is a gift to my son. We think it is extremely cool, minimalist in design, and says everything about your company and it's philosophy. Will let you know how it works when i can get it away from him! (Posted on 6/4/13)
Aerostich Mini CompressorReview by D in AZ
Recommended by dual sport friends.Terrific little machine and reliable. Inflates tires quickly. Fits nicely in my tank or tail bag. (Posted on 5/22/13)
Good pump but needs some protection...Review by DRTBYK
I've had a number of small pumps over the years and most of them work OK but each one of them has it flaws. This pump has been durable (although I did disassemble and locktite all screws) and I do like the cam-lock on the Schrader connector. Much better design than the thread-clip that most of these little guys have.

The one thing I do think needs some attention is the solder terminals on the motor. These are exposed and can easily short out on the bike frame, etc. I just carefully dipped mine in some Vinyl Coat, making sure not to get any in the motor. No more sparks! (Posted on 4/24/13)
Aerostich Mini compressorReview by Kenneth
Item arrived quickly and well packaged.
Powered up and appears to run properly. Have not tested on tire inflation yet. Beemer is tucked away for the Michigan winter. Will test in the spring when bringing air pressure up to spec's. (Posted on 1/10/13)
the switch!Review by franken beemer
I read reviews......decide to get the pump but resolve to use the hell out of it before taking it on the road. Sure nuff the switch acts up while filling up wife's car tire. The little booger won't keep working unless it's twisted in the right angle ,then it starts smoking! So after taking it apart I realize there is nothing too complicated here, just reset the cord in it's place out and retighten! Now it's working and will continue to be abused until the snow cover recedes....and the riding season begins! (Posted on 1/7/13)

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Mini Compressor

This Mini Compressor surprised us. I was afraid that after a few years of bouncing around inside a saddle bag or pack this might not work when needed. I was wrong. (After once experiencing a flat in a fairly remote place I found both long-carried innertube-filling pumps -- an old Enginair hose kit and a 'backup' bicycle tire pump -- had failed. Those simple tools had both been damaged by me not packing them away carefully enough.) In contrast the little Mini Compressor has been working for our customers when its been most needed. Who knew that it would turn out to be so reliable?

- Mr. Subjective (12-12)

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