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Helmet Sunblocker

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Helmet Sunblocker #1052-1054

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Full-face helmets don't have projecting visors, and we all know sometimes this results in glare problems when Riding Into The Sunset. This simple product solves the problem nicely. 100% UV rated and easy to apply, the Sunblocker is a flexible, dark, sunglasses-green transparent strip that applies to helmet shields using static electricity, and can be used on many different helmets. Install it along the top-edge of your helmet's shield and enjoy the resulting decrease in discomfort and fatigue.

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Installation is easy. Simply wet in household solution and slide it into place in the upper peripheral vision area. Your "line of sight" is below the SUNBLOCKER, thus eliminating the glare which comes in from above. It stays in place permanently for year round comfort! No more changing face shields for day or night riding. After riding a few miles, you'll wonder how you ever rode without it! We make two types. The Arai SUNBLOCKER has precut brow vents and the Universal SUNBLOCKER fits all other helmet brands.

  • Only takes minutes to apply to the INSIDE of ANY helmet with a face shield, including Arai.
  • The Sunblocker is held firmly in place with no adhesives!
  • Stays in place permanently in the upper peripheral vision area for year-round comfort.
  • No more changing face shields for day or night riding.
  • Especially beneficial to those with skin problems from the sun.

When it's time for a new face shield, simply peel the SUNBLOCKER off and reinstall it in your new face shield. It will not tear or leave any sticky residue!

The Helmet Sunblocker was originally developed for aviation. It eliminates glare and reduces tension, stress, and fatigue. Plus, it keeps your helmet cooler on those hot days. You'll be able to ride longer and be significantly more comfortable at the same time!


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