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Invisible Milk Crate

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Invisible Milk Crate #RIN

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C’mon admit it. If you didn’t have one of these things strapped to the rack of your UJM back in the 70’s you at least thought about it. Or knew someone who did. And think now-who got to go on the beer/brat/laundry run? And always had a frisbee or baseball mitt and a sweater handy? Not so dumb was it? Return to those halcyon days of unmatched utility but with none of the klugy connotations and dorky looks. This byproduct of our embryonic missile defense initiative features an electrodynamic sub-molecular wire-frame structural grid projection system which describes a cubic area roughly the equivalent of the good ‘ol stole-it-from-behind-the-convenience-store milk crate. The containment envelope can be varied from the size of a grapefruit to approximately 3'x3'x3' but the largest setting could be hard on your alternator as the amp draw escalates rapidly. The grid projection unit measures 1.5" x 5".

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Manufacturer Walnut

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