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AD1 Motorcycle Pants

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The AD-1 is a fully seam taped, unlined, HT600 Denier Nylon three layer GORE-TEX® jeans-cut pant, with full length separating side zips. The outside zippers have full length inner and outer weather flaps to help the pants go on and off fast and keep rain and wind out.

Other details include: A diamond gusset in the crotch for greater sitting comfort; An inner gusset behind the front fly which improves water resistance; The knees have a greater bend around a larger radius (than the Darien pant knees), allowing more freedom of movement. The Scotchlight® reflective ankle tab loop strips are radial, for a natural and secure adjustment around the calf and lower leg. The front pockets have hook and loop secured cover flaps so items inside are secure. (And you won't lose your change or bike keys when the pants are laid over the back of a chair…). A vertical zippered cargo pocket is on top of the right thigh and a horizontal opening pocket to the top of the left thigh. Available in even waist sizes, 30–46 regular and long. An Aerostich Money Belt (#1854) is included with these pants. Black, Grey or Tan. Imported and Made in USA

If you are interested in suspenders (?) we recommend these #1815-1349. Several models and styles are available.

AD 1 Features
AD 1 Pants Owners Guide
Sizing Chart
Sizing Tool
TF Pad Removal and Replacement
Darien vs. Darien Light
Darien AD1 Utility Pants Comparison

Additional Information

Additional Information

More Info
  • TOUGH: HT600 Denier Nylon GORE-TEX® fabric
  • COMFORTABLE: Diamond gusset crotch panel
  • IMPROVED WATER RESISTANCE: Front fly inner gusset
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Knees bend around a larger radius
  • IMPROVED REFLECTIVE ANKLE TABS: New radial loop strips
  • COVERED FRONT POCKETS: Hook & loop flap
  • ADDITIONAL STORAGE: Vertical zippered cargo pocket
  • OPTIONAL PROTECTION: Integrated Hook & Loop for Hip Pad attachment


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I got my AD1 pants 2 days...Review by Lynn Overbaugh
I got my AD1 pants 2 days ago & am impressed with the design, comfort & the worksmanship. I've only riden about 200 miles with them so far & they're a bit stiff, but they'll break-in.

In the last 15 or so yrs I've bought several pairs of less expensive pants & was never quite satisfied with any of them. I would've saved myself some money if I'd just bought Aerostich in the first place.

I don't need a new jacket, but maybe I'll just get a Darien because I want one.
(Posted on 10/16/08)
Just received my AD1 pant...Review by Whitman Brown
Just received my AD1 pants, and I really like them and the features they've added.

EXCEPT: They are too long! The Sizing Chart on the AD1 Webpage says a 36R is 31-1/4" leg length, which is what I wanted...they ARE NOT, they are 33-3/4". I look like Bozo the Clown.

They said these were from China and the lengths were all over the place. They didn't want to look for any that were the true, advertised 31-3/4" length.
They wanted the full $50 "alteration fee" to make them like they advertised them. One shouldn't have to pay $50 EXTRA to get what is advertised. Wrong leg length is not a cosmetic irregular... it is a defective product.

I can understand sizing mistakes happen, but what really disappointed me was their attitude about rectifying THEIR mistake!
I'd heard they were a good outfit to do business with but sure was disappointed. Maybe they had a change in management or something so be advised...watch out doing business with these guys.

WhitSTer (Posted on 10/16/08)
I, too, really wanted to ...Review by Rayburn Hahn
I, too, really wanted to like these pants. However I *did* have a problem with length and knee pad positioning. The sizing guide said that I should get the size 34L, but those were probably 3" too long, with the kneepads about 4" too low. Dennis (who I'd ordered them from) had said that this might be an issue and if it was they could send me velcro strips that I could iron in that would allow me to move the pads higher. However, that would've put them outside of the pre-curved section of the pant. So I returned the pants for the 34R, which had (I felt) perfect length for my 34" inseam, but again the kneepads were 3" to 4" too low (when in a riding position the top edge of the pad was just below the middle of my kneecap). So I returned them as well, and am still searching. Aerostich and I are both out $20-$30 in shipping charges with no satisfactory outcome. (Posted on 10/16/08)
My AD1's are great- easy ...Review by bobby klee
My AD1's are great- easy to get on and off, comfortable and pretty good for the office if you can go in casual. They're like black hardcore cargo pants :) (Posted on 10/16/08)
I just put 2500 miles on ...Review by Stephen Hathcock
I just put 2500 miles on a pair of these "blemished" pants and I have to say they're the best non-leather riding pants I've ever owned. I'm sure the "cosmetic irregularity" must be in the leg length discrepancy, as that's where most of the complaints seem to arise. I will say that mine are a few cm shorter than I'd like, and, yes, the knee pads are a bit lower than I'd like....I'm okay with the length on mine and fixed the knee pad issue without much trouble. Perhaps I'm lucky, tolerant, or both. I'd certainly be unhappy if, for my 32" inseam I was given a pair with 37" inseams as one fellow was!

But that's where the "irregularity" comes into play, isn't it? Pay full price and expect to get what you want; buy at discount and take something of a risk (though a small one, as these nice folks will take the pants back...and it's not their fault that postage costs a lot these days....again, buying at a discount equates to buying with some risk involved....).

Are these pants perfect? I haven't found anything that is. Mine performed flawlessly, through torrential downpours that lasted hours, through 50 degree temperature fluctuations, and through my own clumsiness of tripping and falling (while walking, not riding...). The velcro on the hip pads isn't perfect, but it's a fixable problem, not one to get my knickers in a twist about.

I saved fifty bucks and have to do a little adjusting. I'm okay with that. Two thumbs up, five stars, kudos for a good product and great people. (Posted on 10/16/08)
The following is part of ...Review by dave kanclerz
The following is part of a thread posted on both f650.com and advrider.com:

After reading the comments on the stich site about length issues with these, I was hesitant to order my recommended size, which is a long.
The person who took my order assured me that I would indeed need a long to ensure that the knee armor fell in the right place. They seem to fit perfectly. It may take a little time getting used to the armor. My knees used to tuck perfectly in the indents on the sides of the faux tank. The armor makes them stick out a little, but I'm sure I'll adjust.

Ordered Monday, recieved Wednesday. Got a few stickers out of the deal. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good deal on what seem to be a great pair off pants./end quote

This is my first purchase from Aerostich. If this is what they are selling as seconds, I can't wait to order a first run Darien or Darien Light. Seams, seam tape, velcro, snaps, everything seems to be in the right place and well crafted.

I don't have the hip armor(yet), but when I do, even if there is an issue with the placement, I understand that I bought an advertised second, and wouldn't mind spending a few minutes with an iron or hot glue gun to place the velcro strips in the "correct" spot.

(Posted on 10/16/08)
I bought my original Dari...Review by Mark Kowalski
I bought my original Darien pants and jacket (hi-vis) in 1999. They've been great! But, as is true with all riders, over time, the pants tend to get tight around the waist. Or something...

I had my pants repair by Aerostich last year after a stupid encounter with the ground. They were snug at that time and I considered just trashing those and getting some new ones that hadn't "shrunk" yet. AS made some excellent repairs but couldn't fix the shrinkage/expansion problem. ONLY I CAN DO THAT!

When I saw the sale on the new AD-1 blemishes, I had to jump. Aerostich discounts are hard to come by! I got them yesterday, took the hip pads out of the old pants and installed them, then put the new ones right on.

Some things I noticed right off...the belt buckle has been redesigned from 8 years ago, the leg zips stop 1.5" short of the ankle snaps (a real good thing!), and the fabric feels softer even though AS says it's heavier. Interesting! The armor in the knees is also softer feeling, I wonder if that's changed, too?

With my 1999 pair, I had to send them back to get them customized. As I recall, the thigh was not long enought. The new pair, stock, are a perfect fit!

Riding impression? Excellent! Better feel than my old pair (even with the change in size!). The crotch expansion is welcomed, as is the increase flex at the knees due to the repositioned pads and their softer construction.

If you have an old Darien set that you've "outgrown", I'm positive you'll be very very happy with the AD-1. Act now for the blemish discount!!

Vancouver, WA
(Posted on 10/16/08)
I have an unfortunate add...Review by Stephen Hathcock
I have an unfortunate addendum to what I wrote above. Last Saturday, 28.June, 2007, a deer struck me while I rode my 2001 BMW R1150GS on a back road in Arkansas. I'm okay but the bike's totaled.

I'm okay in large measure to the qualities of this pant. The pant will be returned to Aerostich for their evaluation, but it held up remarkably well, given that it hit the pavement going 60 MPH and slid for about a hundred feet. Understandable scuffs, and a tear below the left rear pocket, but thing it, is got all the scuffing...I came away unscathed. Remarkably unscathed.

I had on all the right gear and am thankful that I'm fine. My bike's a total loss, which breaks my heart. Wish Aerostish made AD1s for the bikes!

Great, great product. Outstanding performance and protection. Thanks Aerostich.

Stephen Hathcock. M.D. (Posted on 7/30/08)
Much as I really wanted t...Review by Ian Zelo
Much as I really wanted to love these pants I can’t say that I had a good experience. I was warned that the first run might have leg length issues and that the knee pads could be in the wrong position. These were non-issues – the legs were the perfect length and pads fine. My problems were:
1) These pants have a very high rise and are very stiff. I ride a sportbike and as soon as I’m on the bike they cut straight across my stomach – not comfortable. I am 5’11” 180 so it’s NO because I’m out of shape.
2) I wanted the added hip protection. The Velcro system for this is not good. Every time I stepped into the pants I knocked the hip pad off at least one side and had to reposition.
3) They don’t block the wind effectively. I have a cheap pair of uninsulated joe rockets that provide much better wind protection.

If you don’t ride a sport bike and you don’t need hip protection then they might be just the ticket.
(Posted on 7/11/08)
Receved mine early Decemb...Review by bobby klee
Receved mine early December - just picked up new bike and rode through horrible conditions- freezing fog. These kept me dry and pretty warm even though unlined and the socket on the new bike failed so rendering my heated kit useless.

Easy to take on and off, just about smart enough to leave on for internal business meetings and well made. Cannot spot cosmetic fault - those guys at Aerostich must be vey picky :) (Posted on 8/8/07)

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Gear: Fashion and Style vs. Equipment

There’s a lot of ‘noise’ in the rider-gear market space the Aerostich Darien jacket occupies, about how ‘new and improved’ similar jackets are. Other companies making these kinds of jackets restyle them and revise them every year or two, telling riders that if three zippers is good, six or seven zippers is better.

What all the ‘noise’ amounts to is fashion and style being presented in the guise of technology which supposedly is rapidly ever-advancing in this area. Except armored waterproof textile jackets are not the same kind of technology as computers, or even motorcycles. Seven zippers are not better than three, if only three are functionally needed. What counts is ease of use, durability, fit and function. The pioneering of this type of gear was done by us twenty and thirty years ago. (Combining lightweight breathable-waterproof highly abrasion-resistant synthetic fabrics, seam-sealing, ergonomically more useful vents and pockets, reflective materials and energy-absorbing foams and plastics.)

Since then, just like added decorative stitching on branded ‘designer’ jeans turns a pair of useful, comfortable and durable work pants like Levi’s 501’s into a fashion, all the noise about new tech in jackets like the Darien is mostly fashion BS masquerading as technological improvements. It’s not real.

Classic black leather ‘zipper’ biker jackets have been popular world-wide for many decades. There are versions at many price points and in some circles this jacket has become a fashion cliché having little to do with actually riding a motorcycle. But for many riders it remains a great equipment choice that has changed only very slightly over the years — because it works so well. You’ll find the original versions of these jackets at Langlitz, Shott and several other pioneering leather companies. Similarly, you’ll find the original British waxed cotton Belstaff and Barbour rider’s jackets and pants still being produced in their original patterns because they remain excellent functional rider’s gear.

The ‘latest-greatest’ is usually more style and fashion based, and original equipment is nearly always more utility-tool based. It does not change from year to year any more than Levi’s 501’s. Many riders are unlikely to admit they are buying ever-changing fashion and style when they believe they are getting some kind of improved technology, but that is a truth. None of the regularly restyled ‘teched-out’ sportswear for riders comes in as many closely-spaced sizes as the Darien does, and none is as functional and equipment-y as a Darien.

The Aerostich Darien is the original advanced technology breathable-waterproof impact-armored synthetic (nylon) textile rider’s gear, and just like the above-mentioned other examples of specialized rider’s clothing, it is similarly more equipment than fashion. For historical reasons.

Dariens are available ‘off-the-rack’ in eleven closely-spaced graded sizes and six colors. Complete repair service and several optional fit alterations insure years of superior service.

"The Darien and AD1 pants fit a little different…The Darien's fit like khaki 'Docker'-type chinos and dress pants. They have a straight waistband and a higher rise than jeans. The AD1's have a lower rise and a slightly conical waistband that is angled a bit lower in front. So these fit more like old-school denim jeans. I slightly prefer the AD1's fit."

- Mr. Subjective.

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