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Built for hard everyday wear, long trips and extreme adventure and endurance riding. Whether you are heading across town or across Siberia, this is the toughest most reliable single-layer textile jacket and pants available.

The Darien actually was the first armored textile jacket and pants made specifically for long-distance travelers and adventure riders, and today after more than 25 years of continuous improvements and careful refinements it still remains the benchmark for technical motorcycle trip gear.

With its unique single-layer construction there can be no shortcuts. Nothing is hidden under a lining. Hook and loop is used for positioning its comprehensive TF3 impact armor systems.

Darien's ride drier and more comfortably across a wider temperature and climatic range. The armor is easier to custom-position for fit or remove and replace as required. Emergency field repairs are easier, too. (Important if you're somewhere remote.)

Exclusive features include a tough abrasion-resistant Mil-spec 500 Denier Cordura® GORE-TEX® breathable/waterproof outer fabric, removable hard shell TF3 elbow and shoulder armor, generous 3M Scotchlite™ reflective areas, adjustable anti-flutter sleeve tabs, and removable magnetic collar clasps.

The Darien also accommodates optional TLTec fleece liners that fit perfectly inside this outer jacket. The liner's underarm vent zippers line up, and everything works together perfectly.

Those optional reversible TLTec liners are perfect on cool mornings and for all 'off-the-bike' wear, too. They fold into their own compact zippered pockets, and can be attached to your bike or worn on a belt like a fanny pack. With new construction, an optional zip-in liner zipper (#375) is available at no charge.

Available colors: black, grey, orange, hi-viz lime yellow, or tan. All Darien jackets come with black details. 36–56. Made in USA

Size 36 not available with the AirVantage Electric Liner.
Rare Earth Magnets: see Additional Information

Darien Features
Color Picker
Sizing Chart
Sizing Tool
Darien Jacket Owners Guide
TF Pad Removal and Replacement
Darien vs. Darien Light
Ode to Aerostich (Review on Peak Rider World)

Various alterations are available for the Darien Jacket to get that custom fit you expect from an all-purpose jacket.

A Note on New Sizing

Do you have an older Darien Jacket and are ready for a new one? Continual product refinements and incremental updates have also brought size adjustments over the years. This chart shows the current sizes compared to Darien Jacket sizing from garments produced prior to 2013. For any sizing questions contact Customer Care at 800.222.1994

Darien Jacket Size3638404244464850525456
2008-2013 Darien Sizing36384042444648505254
Alpha Numeric DarienSmallMediumLargeXLargeXX Large

Hassle Free Sizing Exchange

If you happen to need a different size, return the suit and we'll ship out a replacement free of charge (applies to domestic ground shipments only).

Media Support

Watch ‘Oblivious Guy’ from the Kangaroo Project and the Sean Francis Foundation

Sam Whitehead
Sam Whitehead from American Iron Magazine reviews the Darien Jacket, Darien Pants, and Combat Touring Boots

Additional Information

Additional Information

More Info



There are four rare earth magnets to remove:

  • One (about the size of a quarter), inside the jacket on each side of the upper chest/collar,
  • One (about the size of a dime) at each end of the collar - removable from a small pocket with a hook and loop closure.

Important Information Regarding Rare Earth Magnets


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Darien Jacket, first outingReview by scritch
Took my brand-new Darien jacket out for its first spin today. I was very pleased with the construction. No obvious loose threads, seam tape well-placed and firmly-attached, looks to be first-class construction. The fit is great in the upper torso, but a bit tight in the belly (d'oh!). I suppose that's something *I* can fix.

I went out today for a short, but varied ride. It was 80+ degrees out, and as predicted, the jacket was a bit warm when moving very slowly or not at all. Many reviews wish that there was better venting. My other jacket has lots of vents, but is not rain-resistant in the slightest, and it balloons up like crazy in a cross-wind. The Darien actually allows a lot of air up the cuffs when fully-open, and this is quite cooling once moving. For me I don't see a big problem in hotter riding, but for those really sensitive to heat this jacket could be hot.

If I had any suggestions for a Darien design change, it would be to add a bit more venting in the sleeves, and to modify the venting in the back so that the back armor doesn't block airflow. My other jacket really opens up in the back with many (4) big vents, but it balloons when they are all open, and because they are vertical vents, the diameter of the jacket increases significantly, leading me to believe that in a get-off the jacket could easily move the armor off my shoulders and back. The Darien feels much, much, safer.

More later! (Posted on 6/4/16)
Darien jacket and pantsReview by Bob
well after roughly 2 years of use I can now write my review. first off the front chest pockets are not water proof. other than that I wouldn't trade the jacket for anything out there. I've ridden in down pours also a tornado warning last year on the tail of the dragon, I had stopped because I couldn't see due to the rain and wind gusts. the national emergency alert came on my phone alerting me to that.
made it back to the Blue ridge motorcycle camp ground after the worst of it. (Posted on 5/4/16)
Repair service "A Real PlusReview by Larry
After 8 years my Darien needed a bit of repair and a tune up. The pads had rubbed a few places and the folds in the sleeves had created some interior creases. I dropped it off at Aerostitch and got an estimate of $175 - $200, for the jacket and pants.

I asked to have a new collar with magnets added after a short while I got the new estimate and was PLEASANTLY surprised. The new estimate was only $135. The jacket came back with a few minor areas missed. I called Aerostitch, received a call tag and everything I expected and more was accomplished. BTW I Really like my Darien!! I've ridden over 11 hours in the rain and no leaks, itis an amazing set of gear!! (Posted on 2/26/16)
Ventilation could be improvedReview by Matt
I've had my Darien Hi-Viz for 4 years now and doing mostly commuting and weekend rides. It is the only jacket I wear in all weather and on every ride. The construction is impressive and it does wear great in nearly every weather. That being said, I'd like to see a couple things:

The rear zipper vent and side zips are good. I ride a standard/naked bike w/out any fairing so the wind hits my chest and at speed I struggle to get really good wind flow through the jacket when it's warm. I have to unzip the front a bit to get flow but even then the wind will often push the jacket to my chest, closing off the ventilation and rendering the sides and rear nearly useless. I'd like to see some chest-side air vents that stay open regardless of the position of the rider. This would also keep the bugs from hitting my open chest area, needing to lower the main zip.

One other small note, I see over and over again on your site about the Darien and other products (Roadcrafter, etc) how they were the FIRST in many tech areas or design. That's great and a nice point to note, but honestly, in the world of gear and tech it's all about, "What have you done for me lately?" I feel that sometimes, perhaps Aerostitch relies too much on tried-and-true and does not iterate on new ideas enough, perhaps? Please keep researching and incorporating new products! I love supporting your company.

Ride safe,
Matt (Posted on 6/1/15)
FitReview by John
Great jacket features and construction details. I live in Maine and wanted a suit that I could layer with a fleece jacket, electric vest and long underwear for an extended riding season. I found it. It took a while @ 2.5 months and three different sizes to get the best fit. Probably I need a custom. I am 6'3" and 198lbs. I used the sizing guide after performing all the measurements and reviewed these with Aerostich staff on the phone. Got a 40 HiViz first which was way too tight and short in the sleeves, then a 42, stiil too short in the arms and tight across the chest (couldn't get hands in the hand warmer chest pockets) finally tried the 44 which I think fits pretty well. Pants were pretty easy, got the 36L (normally wear a 34x34). Interestingly, I have not changed suit sizes and still wear a 40L suit jacket. Admittedly, I have the wing span of a turkey vulture and should have probably gone with a custom sleeve length; trying to decide on that now. My advice is if you are tall and relatively thin, have 2-3 sizes sent and keep the one that fits best. That will save a ton of time. I have had this jacket in 32 degree weather with sleet and rain at 60-70 mph and found it warm, well sealed and dry, now for the heat! (Posted on 5/7/15)
Darien Jacket #132Review by David
Cold! That's the first thing you notice. Wear this in 50 degree weather and you'd swear it was 35 degrees. Of course there's always a liner, but my Carhartt Detroit Jacket with a flannel liner but no insulation, was much more comfortable. On the other hand, if I get bumped off by a soccer mom, I'm more confident that I will be scuff free from the thighs-up. To combat the discomfort I bought a Mountain Hardware Monkey-Phur liner from REI for under a C-note that makes a big difference. Also, it's not as stiff as some people would have you believe, not too bad, actually. 4 out of 5. (Posted on 11/26/14)
Above and beyond!Review by Mark
I had previously posted a review (April 30, 2011) where I identified a problem with loose Velcro strips. In a long overdue followup I would like to thank the Aerostich service team(Cam, Matt and Ida) for an exceptional job. They went above and beyond what I ever expected. They more then stood behind their product. Much appreciated! (Posted on 3/28/14)
The work horse of synthetic motorcycle geatrReview by Nick
I have had my (light blue) Darien since 1997. It has been used for everything... touring, off road, dualsport riding... the lot. It has definately 'matured' with age and now fits like the proverbial glove. I have never had to test its crashworthiness but the 'armour' is certainly still re-assuring. Best of all it cleans up well in the washing machine and still looks like new. A great product. (Posted on 2/3/14)
The Swiss Army Knife of jacketsReview by John
I've debated buying the Darien for several years. In the mean time I bought several textile and a few leather jackets for riding. I am a touring rider and am very glad I bought the Darien. Since I live in south Florida I'll admit I don't wear the jacket for quick trips. But when it comes to long rides it has become my "go to" jacket. This one jacket does it all. Excellent protection from wind, rain and that dreaded unplanned "get off". Quality, US made and rugged enough to pass on to your ancestors, this jacket is head and shoulders above anything else I own. If you decide on the Darien I strongly suggest you use the online fitting guide or call and talk to someone who can get you the right size. Also I think the back pad should be standard equipment but since it isn't, buy one anyway. (Posted on 12/24/13)
Darien Jacket IS Improved and More Better :-)Review by Mac
This is my 3rd Darien jacket and pants (don't ask :-)
The last pair just were beyond repair after 13 years and untold miles all over the place. I never washed them! Yea, I know...

The newest jacket is even more better than its' predecessor IMO due to the softer collar and the fabulous idea of using magnets to hold the collar down to the jacket when the collar is not velcroed closed. More waterproof zippers too.
Wonderful (Posted on 12/24/13)

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Gear: Fashion and Style vs. Equipment

There’s a lot of ‘noise’ in the rider-gear market space the Aerostich Darien jacket occupies, about how ‘new and improved’ similar jackets are. Other companies making these kinds of jackets restyle them and revise them every year or two, telling riders that if three zippers is good, six or seven zippers is better.

What all the ‘noise’ amounts to is fashion and style being presented in the guise of technology which supposedly is rapidly ever-advancing in this area. Except armored waterproof textile jackets are not the same kind of technology as computers, or even motorcycles. Seven zippers are not better than three, if only three are functionally needed. What counts is ease of use, durability, fit and function. The pioneering of this type of gear was done by us twenty and thirty years ago. (Combining lightweight breathable-waterproof highly abrasion-resistant synthetic fabrics, seam-sealing, ergonomically more useful vents and pockets, reflective materials and energy-absorbing foams and plastics.)

Since then, just like added decorative stitching on branded ‘designer’ jeans turns a pair of useful, comfortable and durable work pants like Levi’s 501’s into a fashion, all the noise about new tech in jackets like the Darien is mostly fashion BS masquerading as technological improvements. It’s not real.

Classic black leather ‘zipper’ biker jackets have been popular world-wide for many decades. There are versions at many price points and in some circles this jacket has become a fashion cliché having little to do with actually riding a motorcycle. But for many riders it remains a great equipment choice that has changed only very slightly over the years — because it works so well. You’ll find the original versions of these jackets at Langlitz, Shott and several other pioneering leather companies. Similarly, you’ll find the original British waxed cotton Belstaff and Barbour rider’s jackets and pants still being produced in their original patterns because they remain excellent functional rider’s gear.

The ‘latest-greatest’ is usually more style and fashion based, and original equipment is nearly always more utility-tool based. It does not change from year to year any more than Levi’s 501’s. Many riders are unlikely to admit they are buying ever-changing fashion and style when they believe they are getting some kind of improved technology, but that is a truth. None of the regularly restyled ‘teched-out’ sportswear for riders comes in as many closely-spaced sizes as the Darien does, and none is as functional and equipment-y as a Darien.

The Aerostich Darien is the original advanced technology breathable-waterproof impact-armored synthetic (nylon) textile rider’s gear, and just like the above-mentioned other examples of specialized rider’s clothing, it is similarly more equipment than fashion. For historical reasons.

Dariens are available ‘off-the-rack’ in eleven closely-spaced graded sizes and six colors. Complete repair service and several optional fit alterations insure years of superior service.

Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll

The Darien is a ¾ length design – it’s just long enough to cover a suitcoat and is the perfect length for standing-on-the-pegs dual sporting and adventure riding. For all camping and other rugged outdoor activities, too. But sometimes it feels a little too long, especially if you ride a sport or sport touring bike with the classic lean-forward body position handlebars.

An easy solution for some riders is to roll/fold the jacket front hem up underneath the zipper. After a couple of times it becomes automatic. You don’t even think about it because it takes not even two seconds. Give it a try.

—Mr. Subjective, 2014

Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll

MMM Product Review: Aerostich Darien Jacket

My love affair with the Aerostich Darien jacket was quickly developed and has been growing stronger with every passing riding season. It was my first real motorcycle related purchase and one that I have benefited from every since.

Within a few months of the purchase of my first real bike I was off in a far away land (Iowa) searching for towns that may or may not exist with fellow I've Been Everywhere Grand Tour riders. My Aerostich Darien jacket was about to take its first test. We experienced damn near every type of summer weather on this ride and by the end of the summer I had the frost and snow feather in my cap too. Dirt roads, random rain storms and gusting wind. But nothing would compare to what was coming. We had decided it was time to head home. After a good meal and some 'BS'ing we were on the road. Destination, Des Moines. Turn north and blast home.

About an hour south of the Minnesota border we ran into a wall of water. Not just a rain storm, a wall of water. Now being a new rider, I figured we would find the next exit and wait it out or at least let it die down a bit. We didn't even slow down... Continue to Full Review