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Zipper Mend

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The quick, easy and permanent zipper pull repair kit. Just hook and click for a new zipper pull stronger than the original. Great for riding gear, tank bags, tent doors…anything with a zipper. Black or Silver. 1.4"×.4".


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Customer Reviews (19)

Have PliersReview by David
Have tried a couple of brands of zipper fixer. These do work, but you must (repeat MUST) lock them on with pliers or they will fall off. You'll think you got them closed without pliers, but they really aren't. The other brands I've tried aren't made nearly as well and just don't last. I've used these on suitcases, boots, just about everything. They are fairly large, you wouldn't want them on pants or anything where you wouldn't want the zipper pull to show. (Posted on 9/21/15)
Don't botherReview by Matt
I tried these on the liners of my Motoport pants. The thing popped off 3 times before I get one leg zipped.
I bought 4 of them thinking they were the answer to my busted zipper pull problem. Now they're just a clutter problem in my closet. (Posted on 3/14/15)
Zipper mendReview by Greg
Great! The original pulls broke, I was thinking about having in the zippers replaced or new jacket. 1 minute after opening the package I was back in action. Use a pliers and you are ready to go.
Thank you. (Posted on 11/15/14)
Zipper MendReview by Rick
These work so well, I'm thinking of replacing the *stock* zippers on a few items. Seriously, whoever engineered these little suckers is a brilliant genius. Well done! (Posted on 5/10/14)
Zipper Mend...NOTReview by MotoMal
I bought 2 Zipper Mend to replace the pull on my Darien jacket sleeve. The first Zipper Mend fell off within 1 mile on first ride. Second Zipper Mend was installed and wrapped in tape. This Zipper Mend lasted 3 days before it also disappeared. A good idea not fulfilled. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Zipper mend, not!Review by foto
very clever fix but it's not perfect fit for the long leg zipper on RC 2 piece.
you have to really crank on them with a pliers to be sure they lock closed but I still had one open and fall off while riding just a week or 2 after installed. (Posted on 6/11/13)
Best fixReview by Hansruedi
Best fix ever. Just make sure you click it shut. (Posted on 4/22/13)
wowReview by Chi
Easiest, fastest, most convenient, should have done this long time ago. The zipper from my leathers broke because I basically pulled off it off when it got stuck. Rigged it and never wanted to take in and have it gone for a month. Used this zip repair and it's better than the original. I feel stupid for not having this earlier. (Posted on 4/2/13)
Does that and Very well!!Review by John Randy
I always keep a couple with me on a trip. Have fixed my own stuff and others....priceless!! (Posted on 1/8/13)
Great fix!Review by v908
I picked up a couple of these to replace the pulls on my Sidi boots (zip-ties kept breaking) and they work great. Honestly, all zipper pulls should be this stout and functional. Heavy duty (make sure they're closed all the way) and even easy to use with gloves. Seriously, I may even snip the small pulls off some of my other gear and replace them with these! (Posted on 12/26/12)
Arrived Already Locked!Review by Bruce M.
The Zipper Mend was already closed in the tamper proof package upon receipt! Before sending it back, I was able to 'pry' it open with a pair of needle nose pliers. A week or so later, It opened when I was zipping my jacket. I reattached it and hope it stays permanently this time. (Posted on 12/21/12)
Indispensable!Review by David K.
One of these needs to be in every saddle bag or tool kit. As my gear is getting up in age and miles, (just like me) some of the zippers fobs are breaking. These things offer an elegant, permant fix to the problem when the zipper is still perfectly functional. A much better way to increase the life of a favorite piece of gear than the duct tape patching the wear holes on my ski gloves. (Posted on 11/26/12)
brilliantReview by Fesman
oh, zipper mend, where have you been all my life! (Posted on 11/23/12)
Well...since you asked....Review by Tom
I was all excited about these things when I ordered one. I have a Dianese leather and a Darien jacket that each lack zipper pulls. I solved it with a small plastic tie-rap in both cases. I bought these thinking they'd be a better solution, but they really aren't. In fact, I trust the tie-rap to hold up better than it's a "no". Clever idea, just no better than a tie-wrap. (Posted on 11/20/12)
Why didn't I think of ths?Review by DAVE
What a great little product. Works so much better on my boots than the cut off zip ties, and doesn't gouge my thumbs when using it. I will buy a couple of more to put in the tank bag for emergency repair. (Posted on 10/30/12)
Broken ZipperReview by Matthew
The zipper pull on my Darien jacket sleeve broke 3 weeks before a trip. Didnt have enough time to send the jacket back to Aerostich. But to my surprise I recieved a Aerostich catalog in the mail 2 days later. I spotted the Zipper Mend in the catalog and figured I will try it.
Ordered online and received it in 3 days. Not expecting much, but this product is the best It should be used on the jacket on all zippers !
Strong , big ,easy and durable ! I recommend it to everyone with A broken zipper pull. (Posted on 10/12/12)
Great Fix!!!Review by Vito
Bought two of these for my Sidi Vertebra boots - I had been using a twist of 12 gauge copper wire to replace the broken zipper tab before this, and wow, are these ever better!

I am going to order several more for random zipper tab repairs, like on my luggage, Laptop backpack, etc.

Great product. (Posted on 10/5/12)
Zipper MendReview by Gary of Rockwall, TX.
These items are a "no-brainer". If you have a broken zipper pull, or think you might have one in the future, get one now. Does everything they say they will, although I needed a pair of pliers to close the pull. Great product. (Posted on 7/15/12)
Busted No MoreReview by SteveAikens
Broken zipper pull on the sleeve can really be a bummer. Voni G. offered a RED paperclip wiht RED duct tape to help out. Found a tiny split ring what that cratered. Just didn't work right. This Zipper Pull simply works. Sleeve zipper on the 'Stitch is like new again - and all on the cheap. Buy them - you'll like them. (Posted on 5/15/12)