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Aerostich TF5 Transit Hip Pads #1105

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A new generation impact protection system for the Aerostich Transit Suit. Specially developed armor provides high comfort with extraordinary security. Maintains impact dampening abilities in both high and low impact situations. These molded pre-curved pads provide secure hip protection. 3 3⁄4"×5 1⁄4". Supernyl sleeves with hook & loop mount areas allow fitting in Dariens, Roadcrafters and AD-1s.

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Which Hip Impact Pad?

I use the smaller TF 5 hip pads (8 1/2"h x 6 1/4"w), with optional sleeves in my Roadcrafter one piece. They are the easiest to manipulate my hand around to get into my pants pockets. (To reach a wallet or whatever.) And of the two versions of the larger size TF3 pads (9 3/4"h x 10"w), the curved ones with the hard shells fit and function a little better -- but the flat ones are by far the best-seller. As far as protecting your hips from impacts they're all roughly similar, with the curved hard shell and TF5 models being slightly better. So if you want bigger and better, go with the curved hard shell model. For optimum street-pant access, the TF5 model. And for effective lower-cost protection, it's the flat ones.

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