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Four guys who hang out at a curbside bar owned by ‘Joe’ and their often hilarious antics and adventures give a glimpse into French cafe’ racer culture of the 70’s and provide more than a few laughs along the way. Chased by cops, taunting each other into overstepping their riding ability, happily tearing down a stranded rider’s Guzzi (even though it only ran out of gas), and experimenting with Joe’s cocktail mix in their fuel are just some examples of the hijinks that will have you laughing at, and with, this crew. By Pierre Vedel. Hardbound, 9"×11.75", 48 pp., color illus.


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If you grew up loving hom...Review by John Davies
If you grew up loving home-brewed cafe racers in the 70s like me, you will love this book! I rode a metalflake blue 1971 "Dunstall Equipped" Commando 750 much like the 850 in this volume. If you are less grizzled, you will still get a kick out of the illustrations and fractured plots. These books were unavailable in English until very recently. I hope the publisher and Aerostich offer the other volumes soon. (Posted on 9/3/08)