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Earplug and earbud design helps seal out wind noise and directs speaker sounds right into your ear canal for a deep bass and greater clarity. Foam ear cushions expand slowly for a comfortable custom fit and good noise isolation. The Koss Earplug Speakers are an affordable way to experiment with sound... they are just foam earplugs with quality, built-in speakers, and they’re perfect for use in places with high levels of outside noise. Affordable, comfortable, effective. Not for Riding Use because you might get in an accident if you miss any road noises. (What about cars with air conditioning, lots of sound insulation, and big stereo systems? What about those, huh?). 4' cord.

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Additional Information

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Product Description

*The Plug, a stereo earbud for the discriminating listener.

*The Plug earbud is the first of its kind. It delivers accurate acoustical reproduction and unbelievable isolation typically found in more expensive, closed-style stereophones.

*The Plug features a dynamic element that is positioned just outside the ear and connected to a tubular port structure that is inserted on a soft expandable cushion into the ear canal. The soft foam cushion expands for a custom fit to improve isolation and enhance deep bass and treble clarity. The Plug features special ear cushions made of hydrophillic, formed urethane, for a custom fit each and every time it is inserted into the listener's ear. The custom fit enhances isolation when you want to plug out ambient sounds that interfere with the listening experience. The Plug has a frequency response performance of 10-20,000 Hz and full Sound of Koss. Combined with your favorite music and a portable sound system, it is the ultimate accessory on the go.

Specification Chart

Frequency Response 10-20,000 Hz

Impedance 16 ohms

Sensitivity 112 dB SPL/1mW

Distortion <0.3%

Cord Straight, Dual Entry, 4ft


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Great! Easy to use and v...Review by Robert Kaufman
Great! Easy to use and very good reception. I was skeptical of spending sixty bucks on a portable radio, but I was tired of poor reception and cheap construction and thought I’d gamble. I’ve been very glad I did. Would definitely buy again. (Posted on 12/23/08)
Maximum boom for the buck...Review by Steve Hulme
Maximum boom for the buck... I've owned a set of &quot;plugs&quot; for probably 7 or 8 years, and for the purpose of motorcycling (or bicycling) with tunes, IMO they are very satisfactory. The original foam earpieces weren't ideal - they were almost impossible to compress. But they've upgraded to &quot;memory foam&quot; which compresses, then expands slowly to fit the ear canal. (Replacement earpieces are available separately, although not much less $ than the full package.) Comparing them with a set of &quot;Brand S&quot; earspeakers that I paid 6 times as much for... the Koss have more bass (which gets drowned out in the road noise). The &quot;S&quot; model definitely has better sound reproduction - they are SWEEET when I'm lying in bed listening to music, but not worth the extra when rolling down the highway dealing with 80dB of ambient noise. On top of that, they have a manufacturer's LIFETIME warranty; hard to beat.

Yeah... I go with the &quot;Plugs&quot; when I'm motorcycling OR bicycling... in rural settings. NEVER when I'm navigating heavy traffic and need 100% total concentration. (Posted on 12/15/08)
I had pretty good luck wi...Review by Mark Riermaier
I had pretty good luck with these.The foam works well and the sound is good for the price.I think the problems people have with all ear speakers is the differance in ear shape.I think I have narrow ear openings so they seem a little tight but they stay in.Maybe if your ear opening is funnel shaped they work their way out easier. (Posted on 12/9/08)
I have been using these ...Review by Paul Glassman
I have been using these for several years. They sound excellent, with a half helmet as well as a full face. Mine, purchased from Radio Shack years ago, also have a handy in-line mute button. The cord does flap around in the wind as it is so light, so purchase one of the Aerostich coiled audio cords and bundle up the earbud cord. I use the portable xm radio with the car satellite antenna mounted on a short stalk attached to the left switch housing. It has some problems in dense foliage but is excellent otherwise. Use the five hours of recorded music for those bad reception areas. (Posted on 10/11/08)
I used these for about a ...Review by Christopher Earle
I used these for about a year and then bought some Shure E2Cs. Comparing the two, the Koss are substantially less comfortable and offer much less earplug function. The comfort is still not bad - I wore these for some long days of riding - but the reduced sound isolation means that you tend to play the tunes louder than you should, and the high noise level coontributes to fatigue on long days. Also, the E2Cs are beeter workmanship; the Koss finally died of broken wires because the wires to the earpeices are quite delicate. If you plan on more than occasional use, I strongly suggest a better grade of earspeaker. (Posted on 8/11/08)
I agree with the previous...Review by Phillip Albritton
I agree with the previous comment. I've used these for several years now, but they are not good for isolating wind noise while riding. Otherwise they have a nice sound. (Posted on 8/5/08)
I agree with the last rat...Review by Daphne05
I agree with the last rater...these ear buds sound good, but are impossible to keep in your ears. I actually bought mine at Best Buy and am returning them today. Not sure what the solution is. I bought to use with a portable XM radio (that doesn't work on the bike at all when you are in the moutains) so I may just return the entire set up. I'd love to hear suggestions from others about best solutions for having some music while riding. (Posted on 5/15/08)
I thought they had good s...Review by wayne pursell
I thought they had good sound for a small price. They seal out the ambient noises well enough and can produce much better bass notes than your typical ear buds that you might get with am mp3 player. They stayed in my ears better than the cheapo's but they did work their way out in time, as was stated by the reviewers above. My biggest complaint was that one of the earpieces fell apart and I lost the foam rubber. It took about a year of use for this to happen, so I feel like it worked long enough for the price. (Posted on 11/14/07)
I purchased the Low Profi...Review by Mark Farrall
I purchased the Low Profile Digital earmold speakers for use with my Autocom system and Schuberth S1 helmet. The description says to use the low profile speakers with tight fitting helmets. Needless to say the speakers are anything but low profile making it extremely difficult to get the helmet on. The speakers do work well for sound transmission but I found they didn't block any of the wind noise. Waste of $190 IMHO. (Posted on 10/23/07)
Sorry I didn't read Mark'...Review by Preston Hamilton
Sorry I didn't read Mark's review before I bought the Low Profile Digital earmold speakers. They are totally useless for use with 3/4 or full face helmets. Even if you get you helmet on, in only minutes your ears are hurting so bad, you helmet has to come off. A total waste of money. There is nothing low profile about them. The name is totally misleading. I have bought good products from Aerostitch before, but this product is one I'd be ashame to sell. (Posted on 8/23/07)

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