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Mechanical Grease Pencil

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Product Description


Great for tracing routes and marking mid-ride notes on the tank bag map window. The wax “leads” exit the end of the pencil with a twist of the cap and come in a variety of colors. Mark any map background or bathroom wall you may encounter in an inscription that is rain-resistant, yet wipes away with just some thumb rubbing. Ideal for writing down directions at a pay phone when you blow into town. Better than a highlighter for route-lining maps, too. Includes one pencil and four different color leads.


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Customer Reviews (1)

Good productReview by Anthony
For military use, this was a good overall product. Used to update my map during 80mm of rain; the grease was persistent and remained legible. Pencil's plastic composition protected the grease from breaks better than a wooden or paper pencil, resulting in no broken grease. Changing grease was easy and could be done on the move. Smaller size facilitated carrying several. (Posted on 7/11/10)