Darien Versus Roadcrafter

Darien or Roadcrafter? To be or not to be*..... The Roadcrafter suit is designed to combine some of the best features of leathers and rainsuits in a single coverall type garment that can be worn over street clothing for sport riding, commuting, sport touring, and all around riding. It offers superb wearing convenience, abrasion protection, and comfort for everyday riding conditions. It also offers significant foul weather protection. If you ride a sport or sport touring bike, or if you often ride fast and corner hard, then you should consider the Road crafter suit's excellent abrasion performance and its leather-like fit and styling. Roadcrafter: More weatherproof and comfortable than leathers yet with excellent abrasion resistance and crash protection. Perfect for high speed long distance commuters and sport riders.

The Darien jacket and pants are designed to be an all-weather touring suit ideal for commuting and everyday riding. If you ride a dual sport, standard or touring type motorcycle, and if maximum warmth, dryness and all-weather performance is a priority, then this garment makes an ideal choice. The Darien combines significant abrasion resistance with superb wearing comfort for all climates and weather conditions. It's a loose-fitting lightweight riding outfit for wear on extended tours that's also perfect for year around everyday riding. Darien: A tough all-weather/all-season waterproof rider's parka and pants excellent for touring and living on your bike every day. Perfect for riding to the end of the earth in bad weather....or just going around the corner on an errand.

*where I come from, Shakespeare is famous for making fishing poles.

Darien Versus Roadcrafter II