Zen Glove Maintenance

Riding gloves should fit close for comfort and control, but if they get wet and then dry too quickly they may be ruined. Many leathers can harden and shrink as they dry. To prevent this, and to help protect your gloves through rain showers, try this leather treatment:

  1. Wear your new gloves without any treatment until
    they fit your hand.
  2. Put both gloves on and while wearing them, spray
    lightly (all over) with Camp Dry or similar silicone

    Leather colors other than black will darken when
    sprayed, but will later return to their original color as
    solvents evaporate. Do not soak or saturate your
    gloves or they will be ruined. Just one light spray. Too much
    will limit your gloves ability to breathe and absorb perspiration.
  3. After spraying, flex the gloves on your hands for several minutes then remove them...then put them right back on backwards, i.e., put the left glove on your right hand and the right glove on your left hand. You will look ridiculous.
  4. Carefully get a small gob of Snow Seal, Mink Oil, or similar waxy
    shoe grease (using one backwards gloved finger) and smear it between your palms, (onto the backside of the gloves only). Now rub your hands together energetically, keeping them flat like clapping or praying.

    The object is to work a small quantity (less than half of a restaurant
    pat of butter) of waterproofing into only the backside of each glove, (especially across the knuckles and on the back of the fingers)
    without getting any grease on the palm and fingertip side.

    Let them dry for a day, then enjoy improved waterproofing and a good grip.