Darien Versus Roadcrafter?
    The Roadcrafter seems to be about twenty percent more abrasion resistant than the Darien because it provides more layers of fabric over a larger area of the garment. These layers include both the elbow/shoulder/knee areas of ballistics nylon and the additional pockets on the Roadcrafter design. On the other hand, the Darien is slightly lighter and cooler to wear. We have seen DarienLight jackets that did well at 70 mph, and many regular Dariens that have functioned in crashes at even higher speeds. (Most crash events occur between 30 and 70 mph. Within this range the Darien, DarienLight and Roadcrafter all seem to provide useful abrasion protection. All provide more than jeans and windbreaker jackets.)
    Riders on powerful sport bikes will prefer the closer fit and greater protection a Roadcrafter suit offers. Mr Subjective: For commuting around this smaller city, I often wear a DarienLight jacket, an open face helmet, denim jeans and ankle high shoes. On weekend rides, I normally wear a regular Darien outfit or Roadcrafter suit, and a full-face helmet and boots. For a day at a track school, I have only worn a Roadcrafter with all the optional pads something I would seldom choose for my local everyday surface-street riding. On overnight trips, I use a Darien or DarienLight outfit, depending on where I am going, and how long the trip will be. For many years I wore only a one piece Roadcrafter everywhere, including weeks-long road trips. That's still a favorite, but for my current everyday urban riding I mostly choose a Darien. If you want a two piece suit, go with the Darien. For a one piece suit, go with the Roadcrafter. If you have questions abou the decision, call and talk with us about your everyday riding patterns and applications.

Mail Order Sizing and Fitting?
    We are experts at providing a great fit. We have lots of practice. Since 1983 we’ve talked to thousands of riders about their size, bike, climate and riding applications. Now we use a form that was developed to help our staff ask the right questions so you'll get your suit or Darien size perfect. Our most experienced associates do this successfully 98% of the time and our newer staff members are well coached. Every new order is double checked. Ordering factory direct gives you access to more sizes than are available at a shop or from a distributor catalog. The one piece Roadcrafter comes in twenty-seven different off-the-rack standard sizes. Let us help you find the one that provides the most perfect, precise fit. You will not be disappointed.

Buying Sight Unseen?
    Things bought mailorder can sometimes be dissatisfying. Smaller than pictured. Or cheaply made. Or just-not-nice somehow. Aerostich was established to pioneer textile riders clothing. The RiderWearHouse catalog was created to sell riding tools and gear that make motorcycling better. Nothing here is included solely for business/profit/money reasons. You will find goods made with quality, integrity, long service, a little fun... and real value. When you open the box, we want your order to be better than you expected. We want your business and value your trust.

Michael Stack, Paul Gross, Andy Hartman, John Metzger, outside Boulder, CO.