"Anything that makes the departure and arrival rituals less time-consuming and annoying helps makes the m/c a more useful tool for actual transportation." -Steven L. Thompson
    Daily ridden bikes stand out more than ever as attractive high value crime targets for vandals and thieves. When riding for transportation and you are away from your bike for short periods, having to use a secondary apparatus is a pain. If you don't want to deal with the inconvenience of a cable, chain, disc or U lock, then consider an anti-tampering and anti-theft alarm system. Though not a substitute for a cover and a big lock, an alarm system will help make your bike more secure.
    Almost all new cars have a key fob door lock remote. A button is much easer to use five times a day, than a manual lock. On motorcycles they make even more sense. Simply stop at your destination, turn off the key, extend the side stand, and walk away...while removing your helmet and gloves and 'buttoning-on' a motion or pager alarm.
    Few employers, retailers, landlords or governmental units provide secure motorcycle parking areas. A motion-detecting alarm will let you feel better about leaving your bike in front of a store (or anyplace else...) while inside. Imagine your alarm's pager going off while browsing in a video store and then running outside and seeing creeps rolling your bike into a van. Yikes! In this scenario, you have the presence of mind to get the truck license number and immediately call 911. Three miles away the thief's are arrested...and you get your bike back.
    What about the broad backlash against alarms? NYC is planning stiff penalties for the owners of alarms that don't reset quickly. An isolated alarm tone meant to decrease crime and tampering is far different than a continuous 'loud pipe' noise meant to augment performance or display prowess. With an alarm you'll feel more comfortable about leaving your motorcycle in a mall lot, urban ramp, or street parking space. With an alarm you will ride more every day.
-Mr. Subjective