Engineered saddle pads enhance comfort on long trips and are quickly removable for everyday riding. These fit nicely on all saddle shapes and will stay securely in place without shifting.

Produced by a medical products company, the Airhawk's unique multiple air cell design uses a Patented Dry FlotationĀ® technology first developed for health care applications such as preventing pressure related problems in long-term patients. It distributes weight evenly and lets air circulate easily. Each 1.2" square air cell is connected to the other cells so pressure is equalized and the pad can conform to any shape. The neoprene air cells are extremely tough and durable. My Airhawk is years old and has been on many long trips. Zero problems.

Sheepskin also allows a comfortable layer of air to circulate between the motorcycle saddle and your seat. It's springy woolen fibers are naturally crimped in a unique way that is both supportive and cushiony. This luxurious nappyness is a long lasting characteristic of quality sheepskin. The pad stays securely in place with a grippy laminated neoprene bottom and system of adjustable bungees.

Both of these pads are much lighter than gel or foam types. (Which can feel like you're sitting on a slab of meat.) For aggressive sport and dual sport riders, sheepskin is noticeably more secure feeling, especially if you are moving around a lot. There's a slight 'inflato-jiggly' sensation on the Airhawk, but you quickly adjust to it and will appreciate the comfort advantage it provides. Both pads fold and pack away small when not needed.
- Mr. Subjective