Repellents: Wash-in or spray-on?

We generally encourage Nikwax (or Tectron wash-in) over ScotchGard spray-on. Nikwax is easier. It is one less thing to do, since it goes in while the suit is being washed. With ScotchGard the suit needs to be hung up somewhere and sprayed. It takes a while to do this correctly because a good job involves flipping open the various flaps and spraying into the underarm zippers and around all the folds and hidden places. Nikwax goes everywhere during the wash. Few people take the time to hand seal the knit zipper tapes and stitching where water can enter in the lap area, and that it is easy to overlook getting ScotchGard into and around these areas. Nikwax saturates all the zipper tapes and helps prevent leaks in these areas. Nikwax is not as durable as hand seam sealing with a urethane seam sealant, but it still makes a noticeable difference in how much water will wick through a zipper's knit tape. Even a little drip leaves a big wet spot.

--Mr. Subjective