Photo by Motogirl, Sunrise over Texas.


Being anywhere on the road at this time of year is more difficult and dangerous. Many drivers become even more awful when twilight falls. Our eyes don't immediately adjust to the greatly expanded hours of dimness that occur every afternoon, and it takes a full twenty minutes for vision to readjust whenever we leave illuminated buildings. During the fall and winter seasons:

1. Fewer motorcycles are on the road, so drivers aren't expecting to see you.
2. Twilight lasts much longer, and it occurs during the busiest traffic periods.
3. There are more total hours of darkness. December 21st is the shortest day.

Visor shield products will help you see better into a winter afternoon's low-hanging sun, and should help myopic drivers see you a little earlier. Hopefully they will pick out your glowing, irregular, reflective shape well before you are banging your fists and helmet across the hood of their thirsty horseless carriage. Riding longer and riding more is better. Perversely, it makes you happier especially when it is dark and the weather is just atrocious.

— Mr. Subjective 9/05