Robin R. Haywood with Aerostich Helmet Ears

Dear Aerostich gang,

I've been wanting to send you this picture. I was riding through Death Valley in January 2005. This picture was taken by some folks I had never met, as you can see they were following me and thought the wagging tail and ears were funny and took several pictures. When I stopped at Furnace Creek for a break they saw me and said they'd send the pictures.

What you can't see are the heated grips, Elkskin Roper gloves (3rd set), Electric Liner or the many other little gadgets I acquired from you. Cool stuff.

I gota tell yah, I just love this Hi-Viz jacket. I ride about 30,000 miles a year and this thing gives me a feeling of "False Security". I noticed right off the air space around me seemed to increase by 30%. Cars move a bit further from the dividing line.

What's the best is when I'm coming up behind someone, once they look in their rear view mirror and see me they pull over to the next lane. I'm sure they think I'm some kind of emergency vehicle or something. Then as I pass by with my tail and ears wagging in the wind they must figure they've been had.

Thanks for being there.


Robin R. Haywood