Time and Space

by David Allaband

I prefer an analog watch. The analog dial measures time by equating it with distance traveled by hands. For my mind to understand this timepiece I must consider the relationship between time and space. This is a worthy exercise for the mind. That is why I prefer an analog faced watch.

It reminds me of why I like riding a motorcycle. The struggle of surviving the weather is fun and interesting because we have a regular chance to test ourselves. And why not test one's self every day? Occasionally there's a rewarding day, and we enjoy it more for having our bodies adapted more closely with the weather. That's a relationship with nature that we share with anyone who works outside. It was the same when I was a tour guide. When we have to be outside in bad weather we develop a relationship with it. We become closer to the weather.

That's why camping is fun. Our bodies adapt to being outside for longer periods of time.

That's why riding long distances on a motorcycle is interesting. You become immune to the weather and the wind. I remember a few summers ago, when I rode for two months, near the end of the first month I became so used to the weather that nothing bothered me at all anymore. Any wind felt like a breeze.

That's why I prefer an analog face watch. That's why I ride a motorcycle. That is how I understand the relationship between space and time. By becoming one with the process of time, by being aware of the passage of it. We must observe everything, all the time. Only in noticing time can we understand time.

Noticing time is not thinking about the passage of it, but becoming completely absorbed into the moment of it. Only in completely focusing on the moment, and all the things that are part of it, can we join it.

By being one with the moment I become one with time. And in doing that I become one with all material of the universe as well. By experiencing the moment I become one with space and time. I become everything and nothing. And when you are nothing, you have no fear. And when you are everything you are happy, because then you can be with everyone.

—Oct 2010, sundiverpress.com