How To Ride To A Meeting

Kevin Christy / Effing the Ineffable (via

That's a 3 step process:

  1. Keep your hair short so that it's easier to fix helmet hair in the bathroom;
  2. wear a one-piece protective suit like an Aerostich Roadcrafter, with your professional attire on underneath; and
  3. wear protective boots and carry a pair of dress shoes in your bag

That's probably the easiest way to balance full protection on a motorcycle with the ability to transform quickly to your professional identity.

Mr Subjective:

Kevin's "3-step process" is perfect, except for short hair (item 1) isn't essential. Beyond those three steps there is some other stuff. Sometimes being 'minority', 'motorcyclist', or 'whaterver' can be a factor. Looking smart at a meeting also depends greatly on things like being on time, being respectful of others, having done one's 'homework', etc.

Social nuances matter. Some are pretty obvious, like (for example) not putting one's helmet and gloves on the table right in front of you, instead putting your gear on the floor behind you, or somewhere else out-of-the-way. It is best to enjoy your superior mobility status modestly and without hubris.

But Aaron is also right...sometimes someone wants to know how you got there. Be brief, and smile. It's easy to say more than they really want. Most don't care. Remember that when the meeting is over you get to ride away from it. Which is always a giant 'hahaha!' inside your helmet as you lean into the corner and exit the parking area.

You were probbaly the only one there who got that.