June 14, 2010

To whom it may concern,

On April 3, 2010 at 0730 in the morning, I was riding home from work when I was in a severe motorcycle accident. I was cut off by a driver making an illegal left U-turn through 2 lanes in what I can only imagine was a last minute decision on her part. I was taken, unconscious, to the local trauma room where I had my shattered leg put back together with a titanium rod and screws. I have had hand surgery to repair my broken thumb and will soon have another surgery to repair my shoulder tendon damage.

Now, to make my point. I was wearing your neon yellow Roadcrafter one piece riding suit and I am convinced it saved my body from more severe injuries. When I hit the car at around 30 mph, I was sent flying over 30' and landed on my right shoulder. The fantastic padding in this suit helped prevent the impact from breaking any bones in my shoulder and arms. The only damage to the suit from the impact was a slight scuff on the shoulder pad reinforcing nylon. Unfortunately, the rescue crew decided to cut me out of the suit instead of using the zippers. This destroyed an otherwise perfectly good suit. (The only recommendation I would have is to add a shin pad or guard which may have prevented my tibia from shattering when it hit the handlebars).

Thank you for making such a fantastic product! I am convinced this suit made all the difference in preventing more severe injuries to my body. I have long been a fan of this suit for its exceptional rain and hot weather qualities, but I am now a huge fan of its durability and accident survivability traits. Please continue to build the best all weather suits available. I could not be any happier that I paid the extra money and purchased your Roadcrafter riding suit. Now I just wish the person had actually looked before she turned. If she had, she would have seen the bright yellow suit coming at her and stopped and I would not have been writing you this letter.

Michael S. Hoffner
20+ years of riding experience and long time
Aerostitch customer

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