Self Tapping Tire Studs

"I just thought I would give you an update on the studs! I have about 1000 miles on them right now and they are not showing any wear. The ones on the hack still look brand new. The ones on the bike's rear wheel which is taking a hit with all the different conditions are looking almost new after 600 miles of mixed asphalt, ice, snow and all sorts of crap.

I installed these on the bike in Castlegar, B.C., after I went across the Pass without them. The conditions were not nice, but it only took me an hour to install them. I then proceeded to cross the Salmo Creston Pass which is a doozy, believe me! The studs made it possible for me to climb it. I can tell you that without them I was hooped (screwed)!

The studs are easy to install and they sure save your tire from wearing down. As I go along I will take pictures of the studs to show you. But at this rate they will take me to Montreal easily I think!

Here is a picture of the bike’s rear tire. The wearing down of the tire has almost stopped as compared to when I did not have the studs. The traction on ice and snow is unreal, and I cannot feel any vibration at all. The little "nipple" has worn down a bit, but considering that almost 2000 kilometers was ridden on frozen asphalt and ice, it is pretty impressive. As far as I can see, even if the protruding nipple wears down, the traction does not seem to be affected. I am sold! Anyone considering riding on ice or in any winter conditions would be a fool not to use these."

— Paul Mondor (January, 2008)