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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

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Thirty years on this fully lined Roadcrafter has been worn in every type of weather to nearly every place you can get to on a motorcycle. It is the original suit for everyday, all-distance commuting and touring.

Its luxurious full lining slips easily over your street clothes, and the outer shell is tailored to minimize wind flutter and drag at higher speeds.

More than three decades of experience have proven the Roadcrafter Classic's superior impact and abrasion-protection, and it's all-weather capabilities. The suit is literally covered with innovations for riders: 3M high-visibility Scotchlite™ reflective, nine strategically placed everyday-useful external pockets, six standard oversize TF impact armor pads, provisions for optional removable arm and thigh map pockets, optional hip armor and impact protection spine armor, effective water resistant zippered underarm and back vents, flapped hip-side zippers for access to your street pants, an all-day comfortable Ultrasuede collar, and a variety of adjustable tabs and zippers that allow you to custom fine-tune the fit.

Each one piece Roadcrafter Classic is about attention to each detail, real-world riding needs and meticulous craftsmanship. It's constructed of Made-in-USA mil-spec 500 Denier Cordura® GORE-TEX® outer fabric, ballistic nylon and a high pic Supernyl lining fabric.

Compared to traditional leather gear you'll ride warmer when it's cool, drier when it's wet and cooler when it's hot.

Six standard body colors: black, grey, red, hi-viz lime yellow, or cobalt blue. Six standard ballistics colors: black, grey, red, hi-viz lime yellow, cobalt blue, or silver. Machine washable. Men's sizes 34 regular, 36–54 short, regular or long. Women's sizes 2-20 (these feature a smaller neck, narrower shoulder, more defined waist, and extra hip room). Made in USA

Roadcrafter Features
‘Ride More’ Guarantee
Flash-animated Color Combination Selector
Custom Alteration Options
Contrasting Color Thread Option
Guaranteed-Better-Fit Size Chart
Accu-Fit Automatic Size Calculator
Roadcrafter Fit and Helpful Hints
Roadcrafter Owners Guide
TF Pad Removal and Replacement
Hi-Viz 2.0 Guide

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Roadcrafter suits are available in many colors and over 30 sizes. If you wear a size 40 Long men's suit, the same size Aerostich suit will fit over your street clothes. If you’re unsure of your size, see the sizing chart or call and we’ll help you get the right fit. Custom size alterations, non-stock colors and several specialized optional features are also available separately. All Roadcrafter Custom Fit Alterations are made at additional charge.

Standard suit colors: mix & match a red, black, grey, hi-viz lime yellow or cobalt blue shell with either red, black, grey, silver, hi-viz or cobalt blue ballistic patches. Request your free swatches.

Hassle Free Sizing Exchange

If you happen to need a different size, just return the suit and we'll ship out a replacement free of charge (domestic ground shipments only).

Additional Information

Additional Information

More Info

Between Sizes:

Overall length* difference is 1 14".

  • Example - 42 (S, R or L) suit is 1 14" longer (taller) overall than a size 40 (S, R or L) suit.

Short to Regular:

Overall length* difference is 3".

  • Example - A 42S is 3" shorter than a 42R.
  • Leg length difference is +1" above & +12" below the knee. The remaining 1 12" is in the Torso.
  • Sleeve difference is 1 14", shoulder to wrist.

Regular to Tall:

Overall length* difference is 2".

  • Example - A 42L is 2" longer (taller) than a 42R.
  • Leg length difference is +12" above knee & +12" below the knee. The remaining 1" is in the Torso.
  • Sleeve difference is 1".

* Overall length = collar to ankle

We can adjust the sleeve lengths, elbow armor position, leg length, knee armor position, and many other variables, but we cannot change the body/torso length. For semi-custom fitted garments, we start with the body/torso size that is the closest and change the arms and legs as needed.

A great fit is critical to the long-term enjoyment and satisfaction of any garment. This is something we do better than anyone else with graded off the rack sizes. There are about 32 standard R-3 sizes vs. about 8 with typical S, M, L, XL grading. If the crotch in an R-3 is slightly binding, the garment will never have a chance to become your 'go to' riding gear, and I'd like it to have that chance.

One piece coveralls are the best gear for day-to-day short-hop utility riding because they work as a complete protection system all in one garment. But like mechanic's and trade-worker's coveralls, for comfort the crotch needs to be low enough to never bind.

- Mr. Subjective, 6-14


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A great suit, but an R3 is betterReview by Adam
I have owned 3 Roadcrafters (now the classic) suits. They are great suits and I have loved all of them. I outgrew 2 of them and crashed one, twice in the same day and both times I touched down at over 50 MPH.

This happened at a track day, and I should stress that the speed I hit the ground at was over 50 MPH, not the speed the crash started at. The suit was fine in both cases.

I loved my Roadcrafters unconditionally, and there could be no other. Sure they were sort of hot in the hot weather and kind of bulky to get into a saddle bag, but the suit was so versatile and very easy to use. I wore them in every condition from super hot to below freezing. I even skied and snowblowed in them. The best!

The I got an R3 and now reserve my Classic for cooler weather. It's still a fantastic suit but it has been superseded by the R3. The classic still feels more robust and, given a choice I would crash wearing a classic, but day to day I reach for the R3.

(Posted on 10/6/15)
Suit Saved my LifeReview by Matthew
I was rear ended going 55mph into my left side box. The impact caused me to pass out but I stayed on the bike. GPS history says I hit the guard rail at 52mph. I flew about 40 to 60 foot. Only damage was a broken ankle and Schuberth helmet cracked. As far as the stitch no noticeable damage except about an inch worth of teeth on the zipper pulled free around the crotch. I wholly believe had I not been ATGATT my number was up. Thank You Aerostich. Now, to get this zipper repaired! (Posted on 9/16/15)
One Year In...Review by MnBueller
I had the same reservations as so many before me; $1000 is a lot of money for a piece of clothing. So it took me two full years of thinking, dreaming, analyzing, fittings, and rationalizing before I placed my order last spring. And yes, it was stiff and hard to get into at first. And yes, I have had to endure plenty of ribbing and unimaginative comments (going snowmobiling? hey, it's a Power Ranger!). But after riding the past 6 1/2 months in this suit, I am convinced it is the best money I have ever spent on any single motorcycle related item...ever. It does exactly everything promised, a rare quality today. Or maybe ever. I am more comfortable than ever, and more importantly I finally feel I am as safe as I can be while enjoying my favorite pastime. I will never get rid of this suit, and will be looking forward to enjoying more of Mr. Goldfine's products. I'm sorry I waited so long. And yes, I am still riding to work in mid-October in Duluth, MN. (Posted on 10/21/14)
4 weeks old and already crash testedReview by Steve
After many years of purchasing Textile gear, I finally stepped up and purchased the 1 piece Roadcrafter in Hi-Viz and Grey. I had been coveting this suit for numerous years and my wife finally got tired of me showing her the suit and told me to "just get it"!. Well not to argue I immediately placed my order. I received my suit mid February after only one alteration. I must admit it is a little stiff, but it fits perfectly!. Well last week moving the bike out of winter storage, I hit a patch of ice, and down I went with be bike. Damn that hurts, not only my pride but scuffs on the bags of my FJR. Only a little dirt on my suit, no rips, tears, or abrasions. It's now crashed tested, but for certain rider approved. Right Knee, Right shoulder pad did their job! Love this suit! (Posted on 3/17/14)
Best piece of riding gear I own. Review by Timothy
I keep hearing (reading) two chief complaints about the Roadcrafter. It's said to be too expensive and unattractive. The suit would be a lot cheaper if it weren't for all the gear in my closet I no longer need. My leathers, rain, mesh and insulated apparel, about $2000.00 in all, stay in the closet in favor of the Roadcrafter. As for the look, I ordered mine in all black and requested a 4 inch American flag sewn on the left shoulder. The flag adds that sort of astronaut / Steve McQueen race driver detail. I get compliments on the look everywhere I go. My 18 year old daughter says I look hansom in it... (From the neck down, I'm sure.) It's the best piece of riding gear I have ever owned. (Posted on 12/23/13)
My new Roadcrafter One Piece Suit is a life changer!Review by Kent
When I ordered my Roadcrafter One Piece Suit back in October I expected a lot. The suit is a lot of money and Aerostich has a reputation that puts them at the top of the pile of manufacturers of riding gear that works in real world conditions. So my expectations were very high and I was a bit worried that the suit wouldn't live up to those expectations and I would be disappointed. After receiving my new Roadcrafter in November and after commuting nearly every day on my bike since then, I am writing this review to say that I am not one bit disappointed and that the Roadcrafter is worth every penny! I am required to dress "business casual" for my job. That is, no jeans. No boots. No sweat shirts, etc. I needed an all weather riding garment that I could put on over Khaki pants and a button down shirt and maybe a sweater or sport coat, and KNOW that I would get to work dry and warm. The Roadcrafter is the first riding garment that claimed it could do that, and actually followed through on the claim. On top of that I'll never have to worry about abrasion resistance or visibility, and believe me, visibility is a big issue during our wet, gloomy Fall and Winter months. Even though I bought a "black on black" Roadcrafter, I will never have to worry about being seen! I live near Portland, Oregon. We have cold, wet Autumns and Winters (not to mention Springs) that are the stuff of legend. We don't get a ton of snow around here, but we get oceans of rain and lots of 35 degree days. The Roadcrafter One Piece Suit has so far kept me COMPLETELY dry and is warm enough that I can make my 45 minute commute with my regular work clothes on under it, and perhaps a sweater or fleece jacket over my shirt, and be dry and comfortable when I get to work. I step out of my Roadcrafter, change my shoes, and sit down at my desk. That's all there is to it. It is nothing short of perfect. When I was ordering my Roadcrafter the service team at Aerostich was always there when I had questions. After I used the sizing tool online they promptly sent me a suit to try on so that we could determine what changes needed to be made so that my suit would be a perfect fit. And once that was determined, I sent back the "test suit" and they made me my suit, all in just about a month! My suit fits perfectly! I ride a Triumph Thruxton with clubman bars, so my riding posture is pretty aggressive. But the suit has just the right amount of length in the arms and legs, and the torso fits just right. When I am just standing around the legs look a bit long, and the butt looks a bit baggy, but when I am on the bike riding it fits like a glove, and that's when the fit is important. I have said enough here. The only additional thing that I would say is, if you are on the fence trying to decide if the Roadcrafter One Piece Suit is worth the investment, stop deciding and order the suit. If you take the time to carefully talk through the sizing and fitting with the service people, you really can't go wrong. Once you have the Aerostich Roadcrafter on, the suit will speak for itself. (Posted on 12/14/13)
Last Piece of Riding Gear I will BuyReview by Grant
Let us start off with the fact I am 23 years old. In the last 5 years I have owned every sort of riding gear known to man. Adventure, sport, track, supermoto etc and all the bikes to go along with the gear.

Now all of that said gear is in the attic or up for sale.

I have had my Roadcrafter for 3 months now. Since then It has seen everything from 100 degree mountain rides to 20 degree winter commutes. I have been comfortable every second! With the vents closed up and a few added layers on I am warm as can be. When the heat comes out throw on a T shirt and shorts. This is truly the last big piece of riding gear you will need to buy.

Did I mention that I bought it used 4th or 5th hand?! My suit is marked with a manufacture date of 1-31-1995! If that is not enough right there to buy a Roadcrafter right now, I don't know what is. (Posted on 11/29/13)
Saved my skin (literally)Review by Jill
Over the years, I've bought pretty much every type of riding gear and never found anything that fitted well, until now.
Aerostich customer service were extremely helpful in getting me a basic suit in the right size to try on, then custom altering the sleeves and pant legs.
For the first time ever, I had elbow pads on my elbows instead of my wrists, and knee pads that didn't sit over my shins.
I believed that would be the last riding gear I'd ever buy, since I was so happy with it.
Then I broke it, or rather the medics broke it when they cut it off me. I went down on the freeway at about 60mph. The only damage to the suit was a scuff on the knee pad. I would have worn it again had it not needed to be cut off. I had no skin damage whatsoever. Underneath the suit, I was wearing cotton/polyester hospital scrubs and they were completely unmarked.
My beautiful gray and blue suit was replaced with a red and black one, as soon as I was well enough to ride again. It's my only riding gear, apart from a mesh jacket and pants for those uber hot days.
I commute daily in my suit, in temperatures from the high thirties to about 90 degrees. Underneath, I wear either hospital scrubs, casual pants or sometimes even a dress and hose.
Getting in and out of the suit is as quick and easy as promised.
If you're thinking about buying a Roadcrafter, go for it. The best riding gear I've ever owned. (Posted on 11/26/13)
New RoadcrafterReview by Eric
I just bought my first brand new Roadcrafter suit. Let me say I was very happy to see they had added all the innovations from there Roadcrafter light to the regular Roadcrafter suit. It should be 100% waterproof now. This isn't my first Roadcrafter I have owned two different size and color used suits. I started with a used black 42S and fit me perfectly until I have to layer up for cold weather. I"m a 43" chest and 32 waist and 28" inseam. So I emailed Aerostich for a sizing and they suggested a 44S. So I got lucky and found a used once only 44S of ebay. It was kind of big for summer riding because I only wear shorts and tshirt under my stich in the summer but in cold weather with heated gear it fit better. Then I sold my bike and stich and took a break from motorcycling. Well my break only lasted 5 months. I got a great deal on a FZ1 and took my first ride with my old leather jacket,blue jeans and my boots. Something didn't feel right. Oh yeah I feel naked without my Roadcrafter on. So I started looking for a 42S because I didn't plan on riding when it gets really cool. Well I couldn't find a used one so I had to go for it and buy a new one. I always check Aerostich's website in the Sale section and long and behold a 42S on sale. The bonus is it had alterations that sounded like it was going to fit me perfectly even when I want to layer up for colder rides. The sleeves were rotated forward,Ellipse added and upper body gussets. I was right it fits me perfectly even with layers and my heated vest. I work for a powersports dealership. I'm a Gold certified Yamaha Technician and I could buy (at my cost) any brand riding gear we sell. I have been riding for 18 years and have tried two piece leathers and two piece textile gear but none of it compares to the Roadcrafter. Now I have owned a couple I wouldn't ride with any other riding gear. I love how it is weather protection,crash protection, and rain gear all in one suit. It's really nice to be able to buy something American made and such high quality. The first time I saw a Aerostich Roadcrafter suit was at a HSTA rally back in the 90's. I fell in love with it. But I couldn't afford one. Well several years later I finally can afford them. Dreams really do come true in America. On a different note it really dumbfounds me that I work in the motorcycle business and my coworkers laugh at me because I'm wearing a snowmobile suit or space suit. I just don't get it. Well I hope this review helps someone decide on buying the best riding gear made in America from Aerostich. (Posted on 9/4/13)
~1 year later -- I still don't like itReview by Chris B.
Great quality. Nice people. Good company. Roadcrafter.... not great. I've been wearing this suit for almost 1 year now with the hopes it will "break-in" as promised. I should have followed my gut and shipped it back when it arrived. I didn't like the fit when it arrived, called in with questions about fitment and return policy. The answer I got was to return it for custom alteration at additional charge (understandable) but it would then be unable to return it. It was a real catch-22. "break it in" and you'll like - not returnable. Or pay more for possibly unneeded alterations - not returnable. OR just return it. The general consensus is that this is as good as moto gear gets. I decided to shut up and ride.

Luckily Aerostich opened a retail store for a couple days in my hometown of SF. I could finally try on a different size suit to see if I really need a different size. According to the sizing tools, I have the proper size suit. Unfortunately, the store was a mad house and after waiting for two hours to talk to someone I just left. Bummer.

I'm not rich. 1k was a good chunk of change and it pains me that I'm looking for something to replace this suit while it is now collecting dust. It also pains me to write a negative review. I hate whiners. I love American made anything.

CLIFF NOTES: if you don't like the fit when it arrives - RETURN IT!! (Posted on 7/4/13)
Perfectly fits my needs in ColoradoReview by Benjamin S
I bought this one-piece suit to replace a two-piece middle-of-the-road setup that was shredded in a crash in May. I live in Colorado and ride almost every month of the year, commute a long distance, and wanted something that would protect me in a crash, be warm and water-proof, and fit over my work clothes. This suit does all of the above perfectly. I got the hi-viz yellow to be conspicuous (I am not fashion-conscious) and have achieved the highest level of visual annoyance with my bright orange Schuberth C3. Anyway, the fit is perfect and I was kept warm and dry during a recent fifty minute slosh through in-the-shower type rain at highway speeds (waterproof gloves and boots from BMW). If you have the dinero, spend it on a suit from Aerostich. You will not be disappointed! (Posted on 9/24/12)
Roadcrafter One Piece - Perfect!Review by Ted
I have always been a fan of Aerostich - I guess I sort of share their philosophy regarding riding gear - simple, well made and functional. I just got my 2nd suit, this time a Roadcrafter one-piece. Currently have the Darien 2-pc and like it. Have about 40-50K miles on it.

Got the Roadcrafter for a couple of reasons. 1st, my Darien is a hi-viz yellow and is looking pretty cruddy, even after a few washings. Still fits well and functions well with lots of room for layers and heated gear to deal with the moderately cold PA winters. 2nd, I regularly commute on the highways near Philadelphia and want something I can get into and out of pretty quickly when visiting clients and attending meetings. Want the protection of the Aerostich on the Schuylkill Expressway and the Blue Route... feel much more comfortable with the 'Stich on.

My Roadcrafter now has about 20 miles on it. Fits well, but took a couple of tries. Strongly recommend getting to the Warehouse for a fitting - the folks there know what they are doing and can save lots of time and frustration. I stopped in this summer enroute to Alaska and am glad I did.

Can't wait to put another 50K on the bike with the Roadcrafter so it doesn't looks so new! Other than that, love the suit and strongly recommend it. Also, best company do deal with - professional and they listen! (Posted on 9/20/12)
Excellent Suit Review by Motorcop
I'm a huge fan of this suit, I owned one and similar to Adam below, I also found it to be too big. I have broad shoulders, a beefy chest, big legs and even bigger arms, but I find it seems like the bigger you go size wise, there's a "beer belly" cut. I sold mine because I wanted a black one with gray ballistics and the size issue so I'm looking into buying another one.
Adam, not sure if yours is black or a size 50 or 52, but email me, I may be able to take it off your hands.

These suits are great for protection as well, I. A motor officer, but I have to ride my personal bike to commute. I hear some people say "only leather saves" but I have seen some serious accidents with riders wearing these suits and it really provides excellent protection in injury prone areas.

Get one, (Posted on 8/26/12)
Beware of sizingReview by Adam
I bought my Aerostich suit last year and was very excited about it after reading all the reviews. Unfortunately, we could never get the sizing right. The first suit recommended for my measurements over the phone was waaaay too big. So we went smaller as I'd suggested the first time, but again, I'm a thickly built guy with a large chest and legs so the arms and legs were just too long and the waist was very baggy. So I asked Aerostich to send me another suit with about 4inches taken up from the legs.

Sadly, though I recognize it's a fantastic suit, it still fits me like a large clown costume and so I don't use it which was kind of a waste off lot of money for me. I tried to resolve it a bit later but was told that I'd have to buy a new suit, which was disappointing after having paid for the suit and alterations.

What I'd recommend is to go to the store if you can, and have them measure you. Otherwise, stick with your local motorcycle shop to find equipment that fits your body type.

Having said all this, the suit really is a great one, well-made but just too baggy for me to ride comfortably. :-( (Posted on 8/13/12)
Weather LimitationsReview by Gater
My wife and I have had Roadcrafter suits for a year now. We had them fitted while visiting Duluth, so the fit is good. While there we also received good instructions on such things as how to keep lakes from forming in our laps while riding, and how to make on and off easy. Construction is excellent, with outstanding attention to detail. Fortunately we have not been forced to see how good the standard equipment crash protection is.

These suits do ventilate nicely whether zipped open or closed. Getting rid of internal moisture is as simple as being in moving air -- even in a downpour -- and rain protection by the suit itself is excellent, though I sometimes wish there were an attached hood to keep the back of my neck completely dry.

Compared to my expectations, there has been one distinct downside in that temperature range is suprisingly limited. For example, my $25 suede jacket is warmer in weather below 50 F., and my Sliders jacket is downright sweltering by comparison, as I can ride comfortably in it down to zero F. With this Roadcrafter suit, I now understand the need for Kanetsu electric vests and hope to obtain the optional zip-on sleeves for mine that I didn't think I'd ever need -- before this coming Winter hits, anyway.

Note that these comments come from riding behind a full fairing. I have no experience with the suit on a naked bike.

As for protection, if you order one of these suits, don't skimp on it. I wish I had gotten both the optional back protector and the optional hip protectors, since my Slider jacket and Quest pants leave me feeling much better padded. All in all, though, it's a good suit, and I do not regret the purchase. (Posted on 8/1/12)
Additional Benefits of Roadcrafter One Piece SuitReview by Dwight
I just want you to know how much I appreciate the benefits of your Roadcrafter one piece suit. I road to and back from Anamosa IA, for an open house, some 1500 miles round trip. Temps ranged from 60-104 degrees outside for the trip. No rain was encountered but much hot and wilting sun bore down on me on the trip home. I rode the 650 miles home with nothing but a light shirt and shorts on under the Roadcrafter suit and was comfortable the whole time. The suit was warm enough when it was cool out, and cool enough when it was hot out. I also had a camelback water backpack filled with ice and water on under the suit so I could stay hydrated and cool. The suit ventilated through the arms and legs and chest enough that I didn't sweat out or even dampen my shirt or shorts. The arm pit holes and back vent really work well to circulate air. The cold from the camelback pack kept my back cool and the inside of the suit comfortable. My buddies with me thought I was nuts for wearing the big outfit. Yet they had to put sunscreen on, and douse themselves with water at each stop, about 2 hours intervals. I didn't expect the insulating value of the suit from the road surface though. The highway was radiating tremendous heat up as you can imagine, so I zipped the pant legs closed around my boots and I didn't feel the heat much at all. Yep I consumed 140 ozs of water during the ride home, but didn't feel dehydrated or that thirsty. I also found out that when stopped for gas, I would start to sweat because the lack of air flow, but when I got back on the road, my how cool I felt as the sweat evaporated from inside the suit. I kidded my buddies that I rode in the "Shade" all day in my suit. I needed no sunscreen for sun protection or wind protection. I was ready for any rain that might come. I was insulated from the excessive road heat and bike heat. I also believe I lost less of my body fluids because of the "containment" properties of the suit vs riding with only light shirt and jeans, like my friends were wearing. I have not mentioned the excellent protection I was wearing, the main reason I wear the Roadcrafter, because the other riders didn't think it was a valid reason to wear such a suit because they were not planning on having an accident and going down on the pavement. No one ever plans on going down do they.????

So I just wanted to congratulate you for making what many believe is the finest rider wear for motorcycles in the world, myself included. I didn't realize their were so many other benefits to wearing a Roadcrafter besides protection in an accident and I wanted others to know what I learned about your product. (Posted on 7/9/12)
Daily Wear - Best CommuterReview by PhotoBiker
I bought my latest Roadcrafter in Feb/Mar of 2011 [ish]. It came with the new "RIRI" zipper (vs the older "YKK"). I had an older suit (Hi Vis & Black) with the "YKK" zipper and it would leak in the crotch in heavy downpours, something that I couldn't live with for commuting. I switched over to a two piece, the AD1 pants (100% waterproof) and jacket from a different vendor.

For commuting, a two piece adds to your routine, it takes longer to put on the suit and take it off. May not sound like a huge deal, but if you really commute, every day, sun, rain, snow, sleet, ice, etc, it adds up. The Roadcrafter suit is the ultimate commuting gear. I have estimated that I've saved 12.5 hours in the year & half I've owned the suit alone. That's 12.5 hours of more time riding, making my morning tea, staring at the ceiling, etc.

I've put a little over 20k miles on this new suit since I got it. I've ridden it in just about every temp and condition possible, save for a sandstorm. It does not leak. The only problem I have with getting my work clothes wet is when I get to work after a bad rain storm and I take the suit off, the water from the suit drips. This will happen with any gear, this is NOT a problem with the 'stich.

I've only had this suit down to about 5F and up to 102F. We had a mild winter ;-) The suit has virtually no thermal quality whatsoever, when it gets cold, you need a liner or liners, heated is preferred. With heated gear, you can run the cords out the pocket access openings on the side, I've never had any leaks with the wires sticking out and the zipper & velcro up as far as they can go.

Plenty of storage in the 'stich. I've finally found a use for the "Glove holder" thing on the left chest. I put my waterproof camera there (attached with a small tether) so I can easily grab it to take photos (even while riding, so I have heard...).

Aerostich service is great, I just got my suit back from service, they had to replace the zipper.

I have the Red & Black. I'm not sure if something has changed in the recent future, but the Red suits of old would fade to a salmon color within the first year or two, mine doesn't appear to have faded at all. Its gotten dirty from daily use, but not faded that I can tell.

For touring, I think I prefer a 2 piece. I would get to a stop and either leave the suit on or slide out of the top of the suit when sitting at a table. I will be getting a Darien to replace my other jacket and have my backup gear be a 2 piece (which it already is). If you are primarily touring and like to stop and walk around, ask yourself if you will really want to get in and out of this suit all the time or if you are ok with leaving it on.

(Posted on 6/29/12)
When you spill, Roadcrafter pays for itselfReview by Nick
I finally indulged myself in a one-piece Roadcrafter. In the fitting process I received two sample suits which were shipped out and back with no trouble, then I made my decision about custom sizing. In cold weather with heavier clothing under it, the suit fits fine. (Fortunately, the suit is not warm - you have to dress up.) In warmer weather the shoulders aren't padded up as far, and it has a small tummy roll. This is no problem; maybe I'll treat myself to a second suit with a shorter torso some day! I spilled recently on a twisty back road, broke an ankle, got a big scuff on my chinbar and some burns on the suit front. That happens at 30 mph over pavement. But my skin is intact, and the suit is still in perfect working order - it just looks experienced now. With that one stupid spill it more than paid for itself. Even in the hottest weather it is sufficiently vented, and it vastly reduces dehydration. (Posted on 6/26/12)
What R U waiting 4Review by skeeter
I've been wanting one of these suits for a long time now but never pulled the trigger because of the price. One day my wife caught me drooling over them online and decided to buy me one for my birthday. She used the sizing guide and the fit is perfect. My first impression when I pulled it out of the box was how well made it was compared to some of the other riding gear I've owned, the quality is really top notch. I immediately put it on and was more than a little disappointed at how bulky and stiff it felt. I walked around the house and thought there is no way this is going to be comfortable to ride in. I was dead wrong! This has got to be without doubt the most comfortable piece of riding gear I've ever used, this suit really shines as soon as you slip onto the seat of your motorcycle. The more I use it the more it breaks-in and the more comfortable it gets. I live in Alaska and I've ridden in temperatures ranging from 18 to 84 degrees and in pouring down rain. At 18 degrees I just threw a little something extra on my top half and I was fine. At 84 degrees I have all the vents open and at highway speeds the air flow is excellent, I'm very comfortable. I've heard people talking about how the zippers aren't water proof but so far I haven't gotten wet at all. To make a long story short I love this suit and regret not buying one years ago. Now stop reading these reviews and go buy yourself one! (Posted on 6/23/12)
Better than expectedReview by Chi-Ha
Finally got a 1 piece RC after years of debating, researching and saving. I've only worn it 2x so far, but the fit is better than I expected! Sizing tool worked like a charm. Not as stiff as I expected based on extensive research either, although the collar is taking a little getting used to.
My previous gear was a 3/4 length Joe Rocket jacket and mesh over pants by Olympia. I've used this combo for 7 years. The Roadcrafter instantly impressed me in quality of construction and materials, but what REALLY impressed me is the knee pads fit exactly where they are supposed to and they don't move! I was constantly struggling with the Oly knee pads, they didn't want to stay put.

First ride in the RC was a 60 mile commute in moderate rain. Collar leaked, but I'm not sure I had it closed properly.
Cuffs of my pants got wet too. Don't think I had the RC's cuffs secured properly either (it was my first ride in it! there is a lot to get used too). Some rain leaked through zips, but not much. I understand its not "waterproof" so I didn't expect it to be.

Overall, I'm so glad I finally pulled the trigger on the RC and wished I did it sooner. (Posted on 6/8/12)

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#488 Roll and Carry 1 Piece Roadcrafter

Water Resistant Zipper Testing

Emergency Rain Boot Covers

How to Get a Functional, Comfortable One-Piece Suit Fit:

Start with your height and body length…For a person’s given overall height, some will have longer-bodies-with-shorter-legs, and others have shorter-bodies-with-longer-legs. After a suit is sewn and completed there is no simple or cost-effective way to then make the garment’s torso length (the distance from crotch to collar) shorter or longer. A few specialized alterations can help slightly (see 'ellipse' below), but they are imperfect Band-Aids.

Garage mechanics and others who wear coveralls for a living know a lowish crotch and baggy seat means they’ll be able to raise their arms upward fully and comfortably. When one does this arm-raising to horizontal, the entire torso section of a one-piece suit slides upwards about 1.5". The suit’s bulky shoulder impact armor move it that way. And when you lower your arms, the suit body area should slide back downward smoothly.

Aerostich gear is graded by chest size (38, 40, 42, 44, etc) and each is available in short (S), regular (R) and long (L) versions. If you are borderline height-wise, part-way between an ‘S’ and an ‘R’, go with the longer body length of the ‘R’. And if you are somewhere between an ‘R’ and an ‘L’, go with the longer body of the ‘L’. The extra body length in each size is about 1.3" greater. And if you ride a sport bike, or are an especially active rider and want maximum freedom-of-movement, a slightly longer body sometimes works and feels a bit better.

Leg and sleeve lengths should be adjusted as needed after your body/torso length has been determined. For a comfortable and correct fit with your raised arms out to your side horizontally (both at the same time), you should still have very slight room at the crotch.

The suit’s body, sleeve and leg diameters are exactly the same for each ‘S’, ‘R’ and ‘L’ version of a particular size. For example, the dimensions around your body of the 38S, 38L and 38R are identical. The circumferences are exactly the same.

A riding suit’s leg lengths are correct if, when standing normally, the hem breaks (wrinkles) slightly against the front of your riding boot just above the foot’s arch, and the top edge of the TF knee impact armor cup is positioned near the center of your kneecap. Then, as you sit on your bike, the hem will rise about 1.5” and the knee armor cup will slide upward and center itself over your bent knee.

A riding suit’s sleeves are the correct length if, when standing normally with your arms hanging loosely by your sides, they end about mid-way between your knuckles and your wrist, measured at the center back of your hand. The center of the TF impact armor elbow cup should also be centered on, or very slightly below, your elbow.

Specialized Motorcycle Configuration Considerations:

For comfort with low handle bars and higher positioned rear-set footrests, all one-piece riding suits will fit better with the ‘Extra Forward Rotated Sleeve’ alterations, and may also benefit from an ‘ellipse’ added to the center of the back. In addition, an ‘expanded knee’ alteration is available which provides slightly more space for knee armor when knees are bent more sharply.

For active off-road riding requiring maximum freedom-of-movement and upper-arm ease, underarm ‘V’ gussets may be added to increase upper sleeve diameter and provide extra room across upper chest and shoulder areas.