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Mini LED Tail/Brake Lights

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  • #4856 Flex2 Stick-On
  • #4998 Sold Bolt-On
  • #4856 Flex2 Stick-On
  • #4998 Solid Bolt-On

Mini LED Tail/Brake Lights #4856-4998

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These combination tail light and stop lights feature 16 high-quality, low-draw LEDs, so they reduce both the weight on your bike’s rear fender, and the load on the electrical system. So compact they fit any rearward surface, yet large enough to provide good lighting. Each version includes plug-type terminals for installation, and features a tough, high impact, all-weather case. Flex Light (4.3"×.75"×.35") has adhesive backing and is bendable for mounting to curved surfaces like your rear fender. The Solid Bolt-On (4.3"×.75"×.75") is virtually the same light, features a thicker, solid, non-flexible backing with two fixed post bolts for mounting. Functionally, these can augment or replace your bike’s tail light. 12V.


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