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Mini Pro Inflator

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The Mini Pro Inflator is compact, rugged, and easy-to-use. Includes dual purpose power cigarette plug and BMW Plug adapter that attaches to a hardwired 6.5’ SAE power cord. Fully CANbus compatible. An important feature is the 3'+ recoiling air hose featuring a solid brass, Zero Loss inflation valve stem connector that attaches to valve stems without air loss. An "industry first" feature is the integrated Polarity Protection circuit that protects the inflator from damage if there's a reversed polarity hook up to a battery.

The easy-to-read, precision linear pressure gauge eliminates the need to purchase or carry a separate tire pressure gauge since the Mini Inflator provides professional PSI read-out's. Blue LED backlighting insures the gauge is easy-to-read during low light or nighttime use. The illumination is automatic when the Inflator power cord is plugged in and shines directly on the valve stem which makes inflating at night easier. Includes zippered storage bag. 2"×4.75"×5.75". 18 oz.

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Additional Information

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12VOLT DC Dynaplug Mini Pro Inflator tire pump, the ideal choice to maintain proper pressure in tires on motorcycles.

Completely compatible with CANbus systems.

Light weight and compact, the rugged ABS case has three interior storage compartments to store: coiled air hose, power cords and three sports inflators. The hardwired power cord with SAE connector and cigarette lighter pigtail extends over 9'.

Efficient LED Work Light and patented, precision Pressure Gauge give added convenience and reliability whenever and wherever you need to inflate a tire.

PolarChexTM polarity protection guards from damage if there's a reversed battery hookup.

The Mini Pro can fill a motorcycle tire to 36 PSI is 3 minutes and 30 seconds

Comes with all the cords you need – battery clips to SAE, ring terminal to SAE, and a 12V Cig Plug (if you want to use it for your vehicle too)


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Mini Pro Inflator works with BMW CAN Bus