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Motorcycling Stories

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Motorcycling Stories #5839

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A lifetime of great adventure rides and motorcycling experiences: old roads, far places, long trips, incredible conditions, and arduous circumstances and setbacks. Everything is recounted sorta like those stories your uncle may have told you at a hunting shack when you were a kid, or after you were done skiing somewhere, sitting in a cozy lodge after the sun has set and the fireplace is crackling and you’ve got a drink in your hand. You could read this right there and it would take you away, along those wonderful old roads. Written like a diary. By Piet Boonstra. Softbound, 5.25"×8.25", 272 pp., no illus.

On Piet Boonstra

Right now I'm in the Las Vegas Airport waiting for a flight to Monterrey, via San Francisco.  $208.  Yesterday the forecast for my planned route to SF was so lousy (temps in the thirties to low fifties, and rain + snow above 500' for much of the 550 mile distance) that this morning I put the motorcycle on a friend’s trailer headed to Monterrey. And decided to fly. I'll meet the bike at noon, and then ride about 120 (?) miles to my next overnight stop, near SF...Continue


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