Andy Goldfine
C/O Aerostich
8 S. 18th Ave. W.
Duluth, MN

Dear Andy,

On July 1 & 2 of this year, I did an Ironbutt Saddlesore ride around Lake Michigan (a Circlebutt). As you can see from the photo, Mr. Happy rode along. (I don't have any pictures of me, but I was wearing my Roadcrafter which is about the same color.)

His never-failing smile & quiet confidence in me were great support, so I requested a passenger certificate for him. Fortunately, the good folks at the IBA have a sense of humor too.

I am sending you his ride certificate & picture because a) I think you'll get a chuckle from them and b) Mr. Happy's certificate should be in his home, right?

Krysta Sutterfield

Ironbutt Finisher!

See Mr. Happy's Iron Butt Certificate!