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#1363 Nolan N104 N-Com Helmet - Silver

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  • #1363 Nolan N104 N-Com Helmet - Silver
  • #1363 Nolan N104 N-Com Helmet - White
  • #1363 Nolan N104 N-Com Helmet - Yellow
  • #1363 Nolan N104 N-Com Helmet - Black

Nolan N104 N-Com Helmet #1363

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The next generation in lower profile, flip-up modular helmets, the N104 has been redesigned for improved rider fit and function. The rugged Lexan polycarbonate shell is up to 7 ounces lighter and has sleeker, dramatically more effectual aerodynamics, with quieter and improved airflow compared to previous helmet designs. The optically clear Lexan face shield is wider and taller for superior vision, is easily removable (without tools) and offers riders fractional positioning for enhanced air control. Further enhancing the improved Airbooster venting and airflow is an included Pinlock shield for additional protection against fogging. The independent, internally mounted VPS sun visor is coated to resist scratching/fogging. It deploys easily via a left side slider and instantly retracts with the push of a button. The chinbar has a narrower design for less bulk, while retaining the secure locking mechanism that is easily opened with a single hand by pinching the release levers. A comfortable four-part removable, washable interior liner is anti-fungal and anti-microbial, and provides an intermediate oval fit. Beyond improved sizing, performance and rider comfort, the N104 also comes communications ready with the installation of the optional, all-new Nolan B4 N-Com system. Exceeds D.O.T. safety standards. Read sizing instructions before ordering, and let us know if you have questions. Black, Silver, White, Yellow, Orange. Intermediate oval fit. S–XL. 3.8 lbs.

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A Simple Guide to Modular Helmets

We sell four modulars; good, better(two versions) and best.

Good — RPHA Max

Lightweight and very quiet. The cheek pads were very tight on my face, and (after a first day of uncomfortable wear) I had to jam a motel ice bucket tightly inside overnight, to compress and soften them up. After that, this helmet worked and wore great. Airflow vents extremely effective. Double D ring chin strap a pain after using the great Nolan chin strap latch, but you get used to them after a few days of regular use. This one is very lightweight, which is nice. Korea.

Better — Nolan (Two Styles)

Kind of gimmick-y in styling and features, but very nice overall. From one of the world’s largest helmet companies. I wear an older, simpler version of this helmet one for 95% of my riding (X1002). By far the easiest to use chin strap latch system. Lots of other nice details and features. Durable. Fairly quiet. Integrated intercom or audio system available. The ultimate chin-bar opening latch and hinge system. Italy.

Best — Shoei Neotec

What I'd probably buy today, and would immediately void the warranty by taking the wonderful chin strap buckle off my old Nolan and sew it onto the chinstrap of one of these, replacing the forever-proven safe-and-reliable-slow (ergonomic P.I.A. in short distance daily riding) double-D ring system. Superb quality of construction and details, everywhere. Everything works perfectly. A second or third generation design from one of the worlds best helmet companies. Japan.

Related notes:

Modular helmets provide superior versatility. At highway speeds and on sport and unfaired bikes you’ll enjoy ‘full-face’ protection and comfort, yet during short stops, or when riding slow somewhere you can open up the chin bar. This can be specially nice in hot weather. If you want only one helmet to do both all-day longer-distance rides and also for frequent short-hop urban riding, we recommend them.

New helmets take a while to 'break in'. Especially 'full coverage' and modular types. They also take a while to learn the various tabs and slots that open the chin bar and visor and vents. For a while one fumbles around with a new helmet but eventually one learns to use the various bits and it all gets easier. On my old Nolan helmet everything is now second nature.

—Mr. Subjective, 6-14


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