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Police Eliminator

Warning: Reversing the polarity on hookup produces a dangerous stealth side effect. You and your bike become invisible for a few moments as you approach police units. Unless your interdimensional kinetic trajectory is within .0047 L's, you can phase back in the wrong lane or find yourself riding into a ditch.

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Enforcement vehicles with speed measuring devices disappear just before you approach, then reappear after you pass. Officers are unharmed and unaware they have briefly visited a parallel universe. Enjoy your high speed riding in total security and confidence. Fade-outs resemble the transporter effects in sci-fi TV and films, but sub-atomic sidereal phase shifting chilled laser technology makes it work. The Police Eliminator is the result of a top secret Pentagon contractor's recent conversion to civilian products. Availability is very limited. Effective on all types of speed measuring personnel/equipment. Range is adjustable up to 2 miles. Fits in most tank bags. Legal in 42 states and Canada. Weight, 6.8 lbs. Colors: putty, white, or black. Includes walnut.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Walnut


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Customer Reviews (5)

The reverse polarity feat...Review by Swen Hoffman
The reverse polarity feature is useful when trying to sneak out of the garage for a Sunday morning ride. No one even notices I've left! Seven stars out of eight! (Posted on 2/26/09)
IS THIS A JOKE BECAUSE IF...Review by Ben Heyda
Very effective! I blew b...Review by
Very effective! I blew by a Krispy Kreme grand opening and no one even budged. (Posted on 11/28/07)
I've been very please wit...Review by Jeff in Milwaukee
I've been very please with mine so far. I did find that when driving near grocery stores with automatic doors, often all the surrounding traffic would suddenly disappear for a few seconds. Is there a firmware upgrade available to correct this? (Posted on 7/28/07)
I grazed a blackhole duri...Review by Randle Bain
I grazed a blackhole during a sidereal phase shift which of course broke my walnut. Can it be repolarized? Are replacements available? (Posted on 3/20/07)