Men's R-3 One Piece Suit

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Men's R-3 One Piece Suit

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Good Job at Pop UpReview by Tom
My custom R-3 arrived yesterday, right on time for a cross-country trip. The modified fit (obtained by visiting the Oregon pop-up) appears to be perfectly done. Thanks very much for offering, and delivering, top-quality riding gear that actually fits! (Posted on 3/30/18)
Up up and away!Review by Christopher
I’ve had my R3 suit for about 1k Miles in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are in the midst of the rainy season. I have been through torrential rain and come out on the other side dry. In the cool fog, which normal sucks the heat from your body, I feel comfortable. I installed the spin protector sold by Aerostich. It was easy peasy lemon squeasy. This suit has been everything I expected from it so far. I ordered the orange suit with gray ballistics for visibility for these crazy California drivers. I feel like an anstronaut every time I get into it. Like other reviews, I can confirm that at first getting in and out of the R3 seems a bit awkward, but once you do it a dozen times, it feels natural and quick. Thanks Aerostich! My wife also feels a sense of relief knowing I’m a giant orange astronaut on the road. I hope I never have to test the armor, but it feels great being protected. Cheers (Posted on 3/2/18)
My R3Review by Billy
I have about 10k miles on my R3 and I could not be happier with it. I was noticing some thunder clouds on the way in this morning and my only thought was " I may have to close my collar". I have ridden in rain and sun with temps from 17 degrees to 95 degress. I only have to make minor adjustments to my underlayers or cuff zips for all those extremes. Thanks for a great product. (Posted on 8/10/17)
What can I say?Review by 240KAR
Only have about 500 miles on this suit but so far I can say that I regret not having purchased this a long time ago. It was 92 degrees out and it wasn't too bad. When the temperatures drop the suit keeps you cozy. I'm very satisfied. (Posted on 6/21/17)
Simply AwesomeReview by Raj
I've always wanted one. I tried in the past and ended up in a set of Dariens it just seemed too much for AZ. The Dariens worked great but I always wanted the convenience of the one piece suit. I now live in CO and decided to give it another try. 2 important points, you have to try one size too small to know your perfect size and it's kind of like adopting a pet. There is a presence that you have to get used to. The only way to do it is to spend time with it. Wear it, pet it, gaze at it, ride in it. Once the energetic shift happens, you will never go back. I absolutely love this thing. It's truly a work of wearable, finely engineered, practicle art. (Posted on 4/18/17)
Wow - great improvements!Review by Pat B
I've had an original V1 Roadcrafter for more than 15 years and it was getting tired so I upgraded to the R3 and wow, so many improvements. More airflow and those magnets solve my biggest complaint with the V1 suit. I've seen 80 degree temps and heavy rain in the last week, plus 40's and it's great. I was worried about not having a liner but I really think this will be better with the improved airflow. Outstanding job Aerostitch! (Posted on 4/5/17)
The R3 is spectacularReview by Sam
The R3 is spectacular. I don't think I've ever owned a piece of kit – hell, anything – that has so thoroughly done what it said it would. We rode through some of the worst weather I've ever been through: constant, pouring rain, snow, and freezing fog, all in temperatures that stuck near or below freezing. The R3 kept me good and dry. I'm not kidding when I say I couldn't have done the ride without it. - Zach Bowman (with Sam Smith)
The ride was Seattle to Los Angeles, which we did in 32 hours, actual moving time of 29 hours, and Zach (my ride partner) and I were just blown away by the Roadcrafter. This probably isn't news to you, but man, that R-3 suit is a hell of a thing. Warm, dry, comfortable, breathable, the whole nine yards. Probably the only piece of gear I've ever tried that 100-percent lived up to the billing. Definitely the only piece of gear I've worn for 32 hours straight. Kind of fell in love with it. I'd heard good things for years but never expected to like it this much. - Sam Smith (with Zach Bowman) (Posted on 2/28/17)
Yes, it IS rainproof.Review by ran
I've had my R3 for about two months, it replaced my twenty-year-old Roadcrafter that was in decent shape, but I wanted to see if the R3 was more rain-proof than the old R1.

This past weekend I rode to Death Valley from Richmond, CA during one of the strongest storms in many years, and I was riding in rain for several hundred miles. I am happy to report that the R3 kept me dry.

The quibbles: you pay over $1K for the suit, and some of the zippers have zipper pulls, and other zippers don't. Customer Service sent me free zipper pulls when I called them about it, but for the price, all the zippers should have the handy pulls. And IMO there should be two "ports" for heated gear cables; my heated vest has the power cable on the right side, so I have to wear the vest inside-out to use the suit's left-side cable port. Not a big deal.

Also, I had to call Customer Service to find out the magic secret to actually open and USE the well-hidden cable port.

But, yes, it IS rainproof, and I was very glad to find that out.
(Posted on 2/20/17)
R3 One Piece - WOWReview by kbikerider
Should have made this purchase two jackets and a pair of riding pants ago. If you are seriously considering a one piece don't waste any more of your valuable time! I purchased this using the sizing chart and the online sizing system (you must be honest with yourself to get the sizing right).

The suit arrived mid Jan, I tried it on with my normal riding layers and then with my heated suit as well. I have not worn any of my other gear at all. The suits fits perfectly. Did I say it fits perfectly?

What I mean to say is this suit is frigin awesome! (Posted on 2/10/17)
I love it!Review by Rory
My suit arrived nearly two weeks ago; I love it. As former military, professional sailmaker and currently a Master Ducati technician I value quality, ease of use and engineering which ultimately leads to function.
Once zipped up the feeling of security is comparable to my full leather but with no pockets and way easier to get into. The gear just makes me want to get on my Gran Canyon and go someplace i’ve never been. Once I get a break from the boss at Houston Superbikes that’s what I intend to do. My exposure to customers is an everyday occurrence and the R3 is an interesting talking point…even the Dianese rep admitted there is nothing better; he also said they’re pricey and coming from a bloke who administers that line his words carry some weight. As a wise Southern Belle said to me “Buy once, cry once.”
I really do appreciate what y’all have done and my sailmakers eye can’t find fault with construction.
Thanks for the work and please convey my thanks to all involved……especially the ones sitting behind machines sewing and cutting……full marks!

Rory (Posted on 11/15/16)

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