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Men's R-3 One Piece Suit

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Men's R-3 One Piece Suit

9 Review(s)
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Customer Reviews (9)

HappyReview by Dan
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my R3 suit. We've had mild weather on the east coast ,but a few Sub 35 degrees days. Stayed warm ,l also got caught in a rain storm today. Stayed Nice and dry. I'm impressed and pleased with your product. Not suprised given the reviews of my fellow NJSBMW RIDERS who own your suits.
Btw..great customer service. I had one small issue with collor magnets missing. You nice folks resolved it immediately.
Dan T (Posted on 1/12/16)
My first Aerostitch.Review by Sam
My first R3 suit has exceeded my expectations for its functionality. First the concept of a riding suit that zips over your street clothes reminds me of the James Bond film Goldfinger where the secret agent gets out of a wetsuit dressed in tails. The R3 kept me totally dry through a steady medium rain lasting hours. This was on my way the the Falling Leaf Rally in Missouri.
The R3 functions as a great rain suit, except you never have to stop in traffic or under a bridge to change into rain gear. You are already wearing it and that relieves lots of possible stress in having to change gear in hazardess conditions.
I am thankful for all the pockets on this gear. I was intrigued with the additional visual pockets you can add you your arm and leg. The zippers are also heavy-duty. I only have to get used to zipping closed in a new direction. The only flaw I see with the zippers us that the packet of lubricant was not enough. I could not control the liquid flow onto the zipper very well and am not sure I got it all.
(Posted on 11/2/15)
My first one-piece.Review by Dan
My new R-3 is working great. I've been wearing it for four or five months now. After about 15 years of two-piece Roadcrafters, I've managed to adjust to the different way of getting in/out of the one-piece suit. ;-) We've had a really hot/dry spring and summer in Portland, so I've appreciated the fact that it runs cooler than my old suits (the snap-down collar is great in the heat). I've only had one decent rain test, when we had an advanced motor officer class get rained out in the spring (I only took it out on fairly decent days over the preserve the spanky newness, you know). The go-kart track we use is quite slick when it's wet, so we don't run there unless it's dry. I ended up riding back home to Portland in about 30 minutes of steady/moderate rain. Zero leakage! - Dan Batz, instructor, Team Oregon (rider training program), 7-31-15 (Posted on 8/1/15)
R-3 ReviewReview by Warren
All I can say is wow what a great piece of gear. Such a well thought out and constructed suit. I ordered my R-3 in a 38R, all black, and it arrived in a couple of days. I have a closet full of other riding gear including two piece and single piece suits and they just became obsolete. I have commuted in the R-3 for a couple of weeks now and it has performed great. Days in the high 90's along with rain and I have been comfortable through it all. It is extremely easy to put on and take off and there is a pocket for everything I carry including my 6 plus phone. I am looking forward to taking some longer trips and it should be perfect for my winter commutes. Best buy ever. Thanks (Posted on 7/30/15)
Aerostich Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
John, thanks for your patience when buying your R-3. The delivery time you experienced was not our usual level of servce. Delivery waits for R-3’s are much shorter now. Your R-3 was made a only couple of months after the R-3 was introduced. We were not able to keep up with orders then, while we were learing how to make them. There have been only three generations of Roadcrafters, and each time during our internal transitional learning-to-make-the-new-version period there were some too-long delivery waits. Fortunately delivery waits now are either nonexistent for in-stock sizes and colors, or much shorter than you experienced for made-to-order garments. I hope your R-3 has exceeded your expectations and will meet your requirements for many years and thousands of miles. (Posted on 1/23/15)
Convert to the RoadcrafterReview by Motozeke
I've gone through three different iterations of riding gear coming into 2014: leather, textile, back and forth. One thing that I found regularly frustrating about motorcycle gear was having to wear it off the bike, especially the riding pants. Another annoyance was having to carry (and put on, and wear) an external rain suit because believe me, you don't want to ride in a downpour in that gear with the "waterproof inner liner" because that outer layer is going to get soaked and drain right into your gloves. Only the Roadcrafter fit the bill of being a single article of motorcycle clothing that could potentially do it all--hot, cold, rainy, dry.

I ordered a R3 when they first came out, and boy did I have to wait long to get it--10 weeks if memory serves (they were working out some manufacturing issues early on). But I'm glad I did, because it's exceeded my expectations in almost every way.

Fit was true to size; I wear a 42S suit jacket and when the R3 came the fit was snug, but just loose enough to accommodate the armor and my heated liner. With motorcycle gear you want it to fit *just right*--too loose and it will bunch, blouse, be too breezy, and just generally be uncomfortable (not to mention look unattractive). Too tight speaks for itself. But my R3 fits *just right*.

Convenience: Lots of pockets, pass through access to my pants pockets, can even reach through to my back pocket for my wallet. Nice.

Protection: Haven't had to test this but I ride with confidence knowing the track record (no pun intended) of this product.

Comfort: So far I've ridden in temps as low as the upper 40s and as high as 108 (at which point I pulled over and got out of the heat). The Stich flows air better than any suit I've had except for my perforated Dainese leather jacket, but zip it up and you can block most drafts into the suit (the pants leg is my biggest challenge on a cool day). Finally, there is nothing--NOTHING--like being able to zip entirely out of the suit and being in your comfy street clothes in just a few seconds. I LOVE that feature of the Stich. Love, love, love it.

Watertightness: Do I've been in just a couple of rain events, neither one too bad, and yes I did experience the damp crotch phenomenon once. I think the key is not letting water pool anywhere, because once it does it will truly put watertightness to the test.

Value: You know, in motorcycle gear you pretty much get what you pay for. I doubt that anyone could deliver this kind of quality and functionality for less, so you pays your price and gets what you get.

Thumbs up! (Posted on 12/26/14)
Excellent GearReview by Nathan
My first riding gear was from the bargain rack. It was all I could afford at the time. It was better than nothing, but I like to buy quality gear, less often whenever possible. I've been riding with my R-3 suit for several months. 94 degrees, 98% humidity, all the way to 17 degrees. In the rain, in the sun, and in the wind, this suit has impressed me. Be sure to talk to a customer service rep, and/or use the "sizing tool" link below the product description to get the proper fit. The chart in the back of the catalog would have had me select an ill-fitting suit. Doing field testing and listening to customer feedback are the treads used to stitch this suit. Not literally, that wouldn't work. Ride safe compadres! (Posted on 11/20/14)
My new R-3Review by John
I received my new R-3 Tactical yesterday and it's the quality product I expected. It's also my third Roadcrafter (they keep shrinking in the waist!) and I also have numerous Dariens, Combat boots, etc. My major disappointment is the time it takes to get it. I originally ordered it on July 27 and even after the known custom alterations it still took almost 22 weeks to receive it. Aerostich is losing the battle for customers when the motorcycle apparel industry is now so competitive and so customer oriented that Aerostich's old-fashioned approach is simply going to cost them business. I truly hope this does not happen but there are fewer and fewer consumers willing to wait nearly five months for anything let alone a motorcycle outfit that is shipped to them overnight. Good luck to a fine company! (Posted on 11/7/14)
Commuting BlissReview by Ken
Bought this suit to commute 50 miles into and out of London. Have not had it long, but am really enjoying it. Took a couple of times to get to the point where I can put it on and take it off reasonably effortlessly. Rode through heavy rain last week for about 40 miles. Had not fastened the the collar correctly I think and was damp on the front of my shirt, bone dry everywhere else. Can't wait for the colder days. (Posted on 9/29/14)