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Halo Helmet Band

Halo Helmet Band #1016

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Super Tight Fit Review by david
Although it was difficult to put on my XL AGV, I know it's not going anywhere. Very reflective, great visibility enhancer. If you ride in traffic at night and don't have any vents that could get in the way, get one. (Posted on 11/30/12)
Does not fit Review by James
We ordered 2 of these to fit our Bell Helmets. We tried to stetch them enough to go around the lower edge. Way to small to fit useless.... (Posted on 10/5/12)
Great Product - It Works! Review by Lopaca
I am on my second unit. The first one lasted over 4 years (the elastic finally gave out). All my buddies that I ride with always comment on how reflective the band is. I have the large Arai Corsair model helmet and it fits quite snug down around the chin piece and back over the top to the back side of the helmet. I would highly recommend the product! (Posted on 4/19/12)
Strive to Be Seen; Always! Review by bwj
This is a good product. I have used the halo consistently for the 10 or so years. It give me great visibility . 90 % of all of my riding is done after dark. With the Halo I know if the drivers eyes are on the road, I am seen. I have never had any of the three halo slip from the helmet. I get a new Halo when I get a new helmet. (Posted on 1/11/12)
Can't Miss This! Review by Ron
I've had a Halo on my Shoei RF-200 for a few years now. It has NEVER moved around, even at 100 mph on an unfaired bike. Any light at all reflects brilliantly. Don't leave home without it. (Posted on 1/31/10)
VERY reflective. Speeds ... Review by Ed
VERY reflective. Speeds up to and slightly over 90mph with no problems. Got over two years use, but now starting to lose elasticity. Time for a new one. (Posted on 5/26/09)
I use one on each side co... Review by Michael Zumstein
I use one on each side cover pannier bag to add to my conspicuity. And I know if I stare at them long enough I'll find additional applications. (Posted on 7/25/08)
Highly reflective and rea... Review by Forge
Highly reflective and really stretchy with a good grip. I was able to position it so that it curved above the vents on my HJC CL-15 and it seems to hold on just fine despite those adjustments. (Posted on 3/27/08)
I love this product for m... Review by Doug W
I love this product for my dark, early-morning commute. I've had mine for about 3 years and have lost some elasticity. Now a hard blast from an on-coming semi can blow it off the helmet and send it down around my neck. I am buying another one to alleviate that problem and don't mind doing so every 3 years to have a safer ride. (Posted on 3/18/08)
Great add on for visabili... Review by SilveradoDan
Great add on for visability. My Halo band is last for two years. and one day is just lose grip and flyaway on highway speed (100 Mph).

I'M place order for new one right away. $12.00 for two years..... Good deal. Strongly recommanded. (Posted on 1/22/08)

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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Riding In Low Light Conditions

Being anywhere on the road in low light conditions is more difficult and dangerous. Many drivers become even more awful when twilight falls. These products should help myopic drivers see you a little earlier. Hopefully they will pick out your glowing, irregular, reflective shape well before you are bang- ing your fists and helmet across the hood of their thirsty horseless carriage. Riding more is better. It makes you happier especially when it is dark and the weather is just atrocious. - Mr. Subjective (January 2007)

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