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#9027 Large Motofizz Camping Seat Bag

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Large MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

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Great bag for campingReview by Bill
I purchased this bag to supplement my saddle bags for a camping trip I will be taking this summer for 6 weeks. It mounted perfectly, with lots of options for different bikes (mine is a Suzuki Bergman). It has been well thought out with the extra top entrance for groceries, etc. being a big plus. This bag carries my tent, my cot, my sleeping pad, my ground cloth, and my sleeping bag. I have not yet expanded the two sides, which will then hold rain gear and jackets. The bag unhooks quickly from the seat and reconnects just as fast. The rain cover is a big plus for both weather and security. This bag is a keeper. (Posted on 4/10/12)
Excellent bike/plane bagReview by Apsco400
Usd this bag for years before I got a topcase for my Concours14. Recently used the bag again to fly from Ottawa to San Diego. Packed bag on the back of a rented bike to ride PCH #1 up to San Francisco the fly back again. Bag survived well as checked luggage stuffed to the gills with helmet, boots, padded jacket, pants, tank bag, and everything else that could fit. Tie-down points and stitching are great as well. Buy-it. (Posted on 3/9/12)
Great for long ridesReview by Dyan
I bought one several years ago and love it. It's a great bag for long trips as it holds everything with easy access without taking it off. I took a 10 day 6500 mile trip a couple of years ago. The bag held all of my gear, clothes, etc. was easy to pull off on the night or two I stayed in a motel and the cover kept the bag and contents dry through two days of hard rain. Worth the money especially if you are like me and take long trips. (Posted on 3/8/12)
Lives up to the hypeReview by Geno
Got this bag after reading lots of glowing reviews. Just returned from a 2-week 2500 mile tour of the Southwest on my FJR, with camping and motel stays. My tent, clothing, food, and other camping gear pretty much filled every nook & cranny. Like the others have stated here, the end openings are handy for stashing/retrieving gear without having to open the top cover, and the mounting straps are well thought out. I had read that some folks thought the large bag was too big, and the medium bag was big enough, but I disagree. If you're not packing that much, just keep the end compartments collapsed, and the large is the same size as the medium. If you need the extra room, just expand the ends. Pretty expensive for a duffel bag, but very ruggedly built and should last awhile. (Posted on 2/23/12)
Great camping bag!Review by James
This bag is terrific! I packed the hell out of it on my first enduro camping trip in which I took everything I thought I would need or use and it work great! The side openings are the best when your're loaded down and/or things are loaded on top of the bag, The bag ties down to both my bikes very easily.
Only con is its not waterproof. But I tool a cargo bungee with me to keep the rain bag attached and not flying off like some said. Didn't rain so didn't need it but I'm sure it would work good. I got the large so my rather large laptop 15" would fit inside without being scrunched. (Posted on 10/4/11)
Love the bag; the cover, not so muchReview by BaltimoreChromehead
I started a nearly 4 week, around the US trip trying to save some pennies on luggage, so I strapped a couple of dry bags on and away i went. The hassles of loading and unloading on the bike, since they're not purpose-built motorcycle gear, not to mention digging through dry bags to get anything out was a real pain. Within days, I was regretting the decision, especially when I met another rider with the Motofizz on his bike. His raves about it's durability and functionality over nearly a decade's use, and just seeing it in person, sold me. I called Aerostich the next day and had them fedex the bag to where I was going to be, and made the switch.

All my clothes for an extended trip (in variable climate, so you get the picture), tent, sleeping bag, etc etc fit in the bag without strain. the little water bottle holder right next to you is a nice touch, as are the two side pouches. Especially good are the ease of attaching it to my luggage rack, and removing as necessary, all the points to tie things outside (the wet towel, the layer you decide to shed or want easily accessible to add when you get to that mountain pass), the side access doors so you can plan the day and have things at three different easy to reach places, rather than digging through the entire bag, all are working out as advertised.

the one true disappointment is the rain cover. it isnt waterproof. what's the point of that? it's too small to fit over the bag when expanded to its maximum. it's really flimsy and a seam burst the first day i tried to use it. 'nuf said.

one last thing. the instructions for the bag are in Japanese, I think. Aerostich gives a translation of some, but could do better. Then again, easy to get help, if you have time to make a call.

Still, the positives far outweigh any negatives. This was a great purchase. I've heard since making the purchase from others who've had and loved it for years, I hope it works out as well for me over time. (Posted on 8/6/11)
Big enough for (almost) everythingReview by famousperson
I've used this bag for two extended trips so far, and can see using it far into the future. I am a "maximalist" camper and carry everything but the kitchen sink, including a bunch of books and lots of food. Between the bag, my system bags and a large Ortlieb dry bag, I can be completely self-sufficient for two weeks. Almost. On top of everything I strap my chair and my rain suit (going through one toll booth the attendant asked me, "Why didn't you just bring your car?")

It's easy on, easy off, contents are easily accessible through the zippered ends, and it's plenty rugged enough to survive my man-handling.

It is drizzle-proof but not waterproof in a down pour. Since I need access to the (many) outside attachment points I don't use the raincover, insttead packing what has to stay dry in plastic bags. (Posted on 7/15/11)
Best Bag I've ever used.Review by Mud Puddle
This bag was obviously designed and built by someone who has tried to pack a motorcycle for an extended trip. Tons of space, reniforced in the right spot, and the stap system is awsome. Love the cross strap that lets you secure the straps when the bag isn't connected to the bike, does a great job of keeping the loose staps from moving around. This bag is great, and it will last a long time. I've been using it for a year, on and off the bike, and it looks like new. It's worth the money. (Posted on 3/2/11)
Don't Leave Home Without ItReview by Rick
I love this bag. I won't go camping without it. It carries all my camping gear and then some. I don't use the rain cover. I double garbage bag everything that I put inside. The construction is excellent; no problems with seams or rivets. I have travelled the high crosswinds of the middle states with no affect. The easy mounting system is great. It is so easy to take off and put on. If you want a great bag for the price this is the bag for you. (Posted on 1/8/11)
I won't go motocamping without it!Review by Jerry
I've used my Large MotoFizz Seat Bag for four years on every camping trip. I am a maximalist camper and take lots of gear. I'm tough on my gear and this bag has put up with all the abuse I can dish out. The Kermit chair lies flat on the bottom without expanding the sides. I mount it the wrong way - lengthwise front-to-back, and that's for one-up riding only, of course. It has an abundance of D-rings and tie-offs, but I've found that if you use them all, you'll defeat what is for me one of the bag's best features. The two side flaps and huge top opening make it very easy to reach in from any angle to get just what I need, but if I tie gear to certain points, I'd have to remove that stuff to open the bag. That's not a problem - I just use the ones that don't hinder access. The other "best feature" for me is the ease with which it attaches and detaches. If I have to get all the gear off to go into a hotel (sometimes you just have to have a bed and a shower) or to hike in to my campsite, there are no bungees or ropes or other complicated issues to deal with. I just pop four buckles and toss the bag, with all attached gear, up on my shoulder and walk off with it. Note that the side openings have straps which hold the door open at any angle, and there is a mesh pocket inside the door. I like to keep an atlas in the mesh pocket on one side. When I open the door, it lies flat and makes a great table for the atlas. The large size may be too big for many people, especially if you are a minimalist camper. Most can get along with a medium, but I use every bit of room in my large, and I'm convinced that there is not another bag that will do what this one does for me. (Posted on 11/27/10)

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