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License Plate Locking Compartment

License Plate Locking Compartment #9078

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License Plate Locking Compartment #9078 Review by Steve Harley
This compartment idea is inspired and as soon as I discovered it I ordered one! It is well priced, however the postage to Western Australia made it more expensive. Sadly I was not able to mount mine in the area designated as this would put my no plate in a position to obscure the light. (Harley Davidson XL1200C. 2013). Instead I mounted it to the sissy bar rack with Ubolts for security... sadly I was not able to put anything larger than a swiss army knife in then, so I used ziplock plastic ties (less secure, but sufficiently obscured by the bag on top of the rack), and I just managed to get my mobile phone in (Samsung Galaxy S3)! For me it just needs to be 2 inches longer and half inch deeper. That wouldn't help with the no plate light situation, but would make it more usable on the rack (I could get my phone and S/Army kniife in). Am I pleased I bought it - Yes; is it as big as it looks in the picture with all those things in it - No! (Posted on 3/16/13)
First Farkle For My KLR Review by Cliff
I had one of these on my old Yamaha dual sport. It worked great - keeping my papers dry all year round. So when I bought a 2007 KLR 650 last weekend, this was the First Farkle I ordered. Looks great and I never have to worry about where my registration and insurance docs are no matter what bag or bags I put on the bike. Bravo.
(Posted on 8/8/12)
Perfect Solution Review by rnlcomp
Works great, it's out of the way and I don't know if I would trust it to be water proof or not but I keep my paper work in a ziplock bag inside just incase. Yeah it's only plastic but lets face it, in this world locks are only to help keep an honest person honest, a crook will get what they want no matter what. Must have for ANY biker, especialy off road bikes. (Posted on 10/2/11)
Great item Review by Iowa H-BR
I buy your stuff for 2 reasons. good selection and I would hate to get off the mailing list as I love the catalogs. this is my 3d one and it's perfect. A little drilling never hurt anyone. (Posted on 9/1/11)
A bit more secure Review by Cpt Katanga
Its unobtrusive but obvious for anyone looking. It is made of plastic and goes on with screws so if someone wanted whatever I stash inside, they'd have little difficulty getting it. But considering it would take a few moments to remove versus just rummaging my saddle bags, I feel a bit more secure. Mounting was fairly easy, although my plate screw holes didn't match. Two fit easily, getting a third mounting screw for the plate was a pinch. The fourth is a no go. (Posted on 8/20/11)
handy storage Review by Micah
got two, a little to get the locks in place and some drilling to mount. Now I have a place to keep my registration, going to get another for the other bike. (Posted on 8/7/10)
Overall two thumbs up! Review by PaperBoy
I'd say two thumbs way up, but it did take me awhile to get the lock in place with my big fumbly fingers. However, the mounting wasn't bad at all -- yes, had to drill holes, but that was easy enough. I think it will be a much more accessible place for my registration and insurance documents than having to pop my seat off to get to them. (Posted on 10/25/09)
This thing is great! The ... Review by jeffrey sadis
This thing is great! The perfect place for keeping important documents-insurance cards, license copy, emergency numbers and a couple of emergency bucks. Cops are less jumpy when they pull me over and I don't have to rifle through my tank bag for the requested papers.... (shoulda seen the guys face when I dropped my knife and gun out of my bag while looking for my insurance card)- save yourself from such embarrassing moments- buy and use one of these. (Posted on 4/21/09)
Clever device. I keep a k... Review by John ONeill
Clever device. I keep a key and twenty bucks in mine. It comes with a little baggie that fits so rain isn't an issue but it doesn't rain here so what do I know.. (Posted on 9/10/07)
Some assembly required. ... Review by Forge
Some assembly required. You have to install the lock and you have to drill pilot holes to mount it. The heads of the bolts for mounting are so big they pinch the rubber seal. Still, it's a handy way to keep insurance and registration info secure. (Posted on 8/27/07)

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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