#9062 Kriega R25

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Kriega R25

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Customer Reviews (10)

Making a good product betterReview by Peter
This is a very well made backpack specifically designed for motorcyclists, however, if shoulder straps are not buckled together, it tends to slip off your shoulders. I use the R25 for shopping and like to unbuckle it (and my Darien jacket) while walking around on hot days. I found that a light mini-bungee 6" long with hooks at both ends, allows me to unhook the straps and retain them in place, allowing much better ventilation while off the motorcycle.
(Posted on 7/31/12)
Great pack!!Review by E
Used this pack for the first time today and all I can say is WOW. I have never owned a pack where I had so much movement and the shoulder vents were not completely covered like with other conventional packs. It barely feels like you have it on. The only drawback as others have found it that it isn't a pack you can wear unclipped such as hanging it off one shoulder as you walk around. Since that wasn't my first goal, it works fantastically well for me. (Posted on 5/15/12)
A Great BagReview by garyr
This is truly a great bag. I use this when I ride my vintage bikes that I would never put bags on. This backpack is a great middle weight bag or day trip bag. I would not use this in heavy rain storms or store elctroics in while raining.

I've owned this bag for 5 years now and it's still looks and works like new. You can use this on a non faring bike up to 120mph and the bag feels like your not wearing it. It has great inside storage for loose stuff like cell phone but it is not very large for lets say a weekend trip..again good day bag.

I went on a week long trip and took this bag was to hold extras. I rode a total of about 1,500 miles for 7 days and this back pack was comfortable. I'm 5'11" and 250 pounds. (Posted on 3/18/10)
A great bag overallReview by Sundance62
I haven't experienced the fit issues others have with this bag - I'm 6'2", 190 which may have something to do with it. Fits well on me with anything from a t-shirt to a sweatshirt, to my Dainese jacket with insulated liner, and needs little to no adjustment. It is well engineered, especially with the design eliminating the flapping of typical adjustment straps. I too wish it had another inside pocket, and one that was big enough for my 15" laptop. It's amazing how much weight I can put in this bag and it still feels light on my back when riding. It is not very secure slung over one shoulder, and the material on the lower inside back seems to wear quickly. (Posted on 11/12/09)
Like everyone else, I'll ...Review by Mitch Finnegan
Like everyone else, I'll complain that I can't tighten it down enough to fit securely. Almost enough, but not quite there. That said, it does feel pretty secure and the strap system is relatively good for getting it on and off with a heavy jacket with elbow armor. All but useless off the bike - you'll have to walk around like Johnny Quest with it all snapped up in front. It rides fairly low on your back which is good in that it won't rub your helmet but bad in that it will rub a rear passenger seat cowl if you have one. (Posted on 3/26/09)
I just got mine and I lov...Review by Mr Pink
I just got mine and I love the look and feel of this bag!! it's great, however it could be better. a few issues that could use attention...
1) it needs to be able to be adjusted tighter for smaller people. I'm 5'6" and 165lbs, it fits but feels like it could go a little tighter. without my jacket on with the liner in and this pack would be VERY loose when tightend to the max
2) the metal rings you use to tighten the pack are awesome, but when sinched all the way down they end up being right in the worst position for tucking or laying down on your tank. they will scratch the hell out of your tank...

still a great pack (Posted on 3/26/09)
Pros: Very water-resistan...Review by Jonathan Wilson
Pros: Very water-resistant in drizzles and lightrain...plenty of room for a rainsuit, wallet, phone, and other necessities..comfortable on the bike...the outer compartment is great for keys, wallet, and things you need to get to quick...

Cons: Not enough adjustment range...i'm a slim bellied, chest size 42 male and no matter how big of a jacket I wear this bag still feels loose, so it needs more adjustment range in the tight direction..off the bike, this bag is not so good because it won't stay on your shoulders without the harness system and you can't really sling one strap over your shoulder comfortably...this is very bike specific product!

Overall: Great on the bike, poor off the bike... (Posted on 2/17/09)
Great bag, especially for...Review by Michael Moore
Great bag, especially for a laptop and other stuff. I get a sore shoulder from carrying a computer in my messenger bag for more than 30 minutes, but the Kriega takes all the pressure off my shoulders. Minuses are not many separate storage spaces: one main pocket, zippered mesh pocket in the main section, and a front pocket large enough for a power supply and a few other things. (Posted on 11/28/08)
The bag went straight fro...Review by Matthew Stauffer
The bag went straight from my doorstep to out grocery shopping on my R6. I fit a gallon of milk and a bunch of other stuff in there. The weight was no problem and the bag didn't interfere with any head movement like other bike specific bags I've used. The straps could adjust just a little bit tighter for heavier loads, but are satisfactory. I'm a little concerned that the actual buckles that click together are plastic and can't easily be replaced should something happen to one of them. Happy with it so far. (Posted on 9/15/08)
This is the first Aerosti...Review by Harold Black
This is the first Aerostich product about which I have mixed feelings. I have two courier bags, a one piece suit and miscellaneous other stuff. This bag is roomy and keeps the rain out but I can't get it to fit right. It is too loose. It also is a terrible off the bike bag. Once you dismount you have to keep it snapped together or else it will slip off your back. I am now looking for a more comfortable and practical bag. (Posted on 1/25/08)