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#3081 Koss Earplug Speakers

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Koss Earplug Speakers

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ear speakersReview by bikommuter
Best "personal sound appliances" I've ever had. My second set. Better then helmet mounted speakers (Posted on 8/30/12)
Seem fineReview by suzukizone
Using them with a Garmin GPS not for any hi-fi/audio use. Work fine, inspite of warnings about blocking traffic sounds, I didn't notice a prob. I feel as if the spoken directions from the GPS are coming from inside me head, very clear. Feel the wire leads seem awfully thin, worried they can be easily damages but just a guess. Seem overall to offer good sound quality for a very reasonable price. (Posted on 4/10/12)
I LOVE these Review by John G
I have several pairs of these and have used them on LONG motorcycle rides. They are economical, are very comfortable to wear for a long time (up to 13 hours of riding in a day) and I great sound out of them. I buy at least 4-5 pairs a year since I have a problem in misplacing them. I recommend they highly............ (Posted on 8/20/11)
they read my mindReview by augie
for the longest time I tried to strecth my work ear plug over my ear phones so I could get noise blocked while at the same time hearing someting to ease the bordom. Then wala these came along. Its was like someone read my mind and solved the problem. Ive been using these for more than a decade. They don't come any better, that is the sound, than the over-priced fancy looking ones. Heavier cable and a different jack could improved the durability . The big plus for any earphone is the high teck foam that dilivers the lows that make this im my opinion the best earbuds ever . Try a pair and be impressed.
Augie (Posted on 12/19/10)
Great Stuff with a slight Mod...Review by Thomas
So this site sells two practical ear plugs. These Koss and Comply NR-10 Earphones. Well, the Comply version fits/feels better and blocks out sound better, but the Koss speakers will last for years and years but is lame when it comes to blocking out wind noise. So, I took a pair of the orange foam ear plugs they sell here, poked a hole through it (using a red-hot nail) and slid it right onto the Koss speaker tube. PERFECT. NOW we get the quality of Koss with the comfort of the Compy. (Posted on 1/7/10)
The std plug is not so co...Review by Richard Sperry
The std plug is not so comfy, but there are a few things you can do to make them much better. I took a pair of Etymotic ER20’s plugs, removed the inserter, trimmed a bit of the Koss tube that fits into the foam parts, and installed the er20's on the tube.

They are now much more comfortable, and sound better.

You and also open up the speaker housing, and insert a small piece of foam from any cheap headphone cover over the back of the speaker. This vastly improves the bass response and there you go. There is a web site devoted to headphones and ear bud speakers, I think it's called headwise? (Posted on 2/14/09)
I've used these and they ...Review by Terrible Barbarian
I've used these and they actually sound quite a bit better to me than the expensive earspeakers that I tried, which were made by Etymotic. The foam works better than the plastic flanges at isolating the wind noise. The only problems, which are subjective, are that earspeaker cords are a huge hassle on a motorcycle, and that they eventually work their way out of the ear.

After trying this approach, I decided that the solution which is less of a hassle is to mount some high-quality headphones in the helmet, which will play loudly enough to be heard through earplugs. I took the drivers from a set of Koss PortaPro headphones and fitted them in my helmet, and mounted a jack coupler to the side of the helmet, which avoids the dangling wire syndrome and makes the connection a one-handed operation, even though it makes it necessary to include a plug/plug cable in the wire from the audio source. The silicone ball ear plugs are more comfortable and easier to use than the type that inserts into the canal. (Posted on 2/12/09)
I rate these poor for Mot...Review by Robert Novielli
I rate these poor for Motorcycle earbuds. Simply put, the rubber surrounds just don't block out enough noise. I have experimented with several foam replacements for the MDR ear plugs - no joy here.

These plugs sound nice outside of the MC environme (Posted on 12/24/08)
Great! Easy to use and v...Review by Robert Kaufman
Great! Easy to use and very good reception. I was skeptical of spending sixty bucks on a portable radio, but I was tired of poor reception and cheap construction and thought I’d gamble. I’ve been very glad I did. Would definitely buy again. (Posted on 12/23/08)
Maximum boom for the buck...Review by Steve Hulme
Maximum boom for the buck... I've owned a set of "plugs" for probably 7 or 8 years, and for the purpose of motorcycling (or bicycling) with tunes, IMO they are very satisfactory. The original foam earpieces weren't ideal - they were almost impossible to compress. But they've upgraded to "memory foam" which compresses, then expands slowly to fit the ear canal. (Replacement earpieces are available separately, although not much less $ than the full package.) Comparing them with a set of "Brand S" earspeakers that I paid 6 times as much for... the Koss have more bass (which gets drowned out in the road noise). The "S" model definitely has better sound reproduction - they are SWEEET when I'm lying in bed listening to music, but not worth the extra when rolling down the highway dealing with 80dB of ambient noise. On top of that, they have a manufacturer's LIFETIME warranty; hard to beat.

Yeah... I go with the "Plugs" when I'm motorcycling OR bicycling... in rural settings. NEVER when I'm navigating heavy traffic and need 100% total concentration. (Posted on 12/15/08)

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