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#4222 MotoFizz Thermo Clock

MotoFizz Thermo Clock #4222

13 Review(s)

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Works for me. Review by PS
I've had two on my DR650: the first lasted through a few battery changes- 5 years of some hard riding/weather. Clock is accurate, thermometer works well while riding. Of course the temp reading soars when it sits in the sun or when the bike is parked and it sits on top of the hot engine. Downside: the thing is a pain to reset the time on. I've learned to live with that, and just cuss a bit when I'm doing it. That seems to help. (Posted on 8/17/14)
I like it Review by Rich
I don't know why so many bad reviews. I had mine about three years it works GREAT . I just changed the battery .it should be good for a couple more years. (Posted on 1/1/13)
Terrible, useless waste of money Review by Chorizo
Once I figured out how to program it (my Japanese skills are lacking) the clock worked perfectly. For one day.

I never even took the bike out for a ride before it died on me. I bought a new battery for it. Still dead. I spent $32 for a worthless piece of junk plus the time and money I spent getting a new battery.

If you need a clock you might want to try something other than this one. (Posted on 6/10/12)
good company difficult clock Review by Rick
Aerostich should point out that this is a Japanese clock with Japanese instructions, you have to look up the thing on the internet to see how to set it then borrow some teeny tiny hands from somebody to set it, after that, its just a clock (Posted on 9/27/11)
I'mHappy Review by Nick Greear
I've owned four of these over the years and watched them go away as I sell the bikes. They are the only weather-resistant thermometer I have found. I like the way they mount (I place at top of windshield). They are a challenge to set/re-set but I've gotten used to it. Am buying a fifth. (Posted on 2/16/11)
Not so bad but not worth the price Review by No Name
To set push black bar and the small black dot on the rear at the same time and for several seconds. This will cause the screen to activate all the pixals. release and it will flash 12 hr. Push the rear dot to change. To go to the next function push the lower bar. To set time hold in the rear dot. (Posted on 5/9/10)
The thermometer is not ac... Review by KK
The thermometer is not accurate, it is off by several degrees.
The user manual clearly states not waterproof but water resistant.
Functions are bad, button on the bottom only shows the temps in memory.
A waste of money. (Posted on 3/11/09)
Perhaps its just luck, bu... Review by Joel King
Perhaps its just luck, but I have two of these and have found them to be accurate and reasonably rugged. I have had no problems after a season of riding, including a fair amount of rain. The thermometers are accurate and the clocks keep time within about 30 seconds per month. They are not bullet-proof. However, they are a fair deal for the price. I would not hesitate to purchase another one. (Posted on 7/15/08)
This unit is low quality ... Review by Michael Frisbie
This unit is low quality crap. worked for a few months then lost time & got stuck in celcius. No amount of fiddling would set time or switch to faranheit. Biggest disappointment however was Rider Warehouses response after 30 day return policy expired. I expected more from both Motofizz & Rider Warehouse. Plenty of other clock manufacturers & Retailers to sell them. M (Posted on 7/15/08)
I found this to be poor. ... Review by Wayne Woodruff
I found this to be poor. The thermometer was off several degrees as compared to another thermometer I know is accurate. Setting the clock is cumbersome. (Posted on 5/23/08)

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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