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Aerostich Complete Repair Pack

Aerostich Complete Repair Pack #381

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Customer Reviews

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Satisfied Review by Enumclaw
The pull on the right leg zipper of my RC broke off a month or so ago. It was by perusing advrider in general that I found out about this kit. Ordered it up, figuring after about 100k on the suit some other zips might be a problem soon as well. It's a straightforward task, but I did have trouble getting the slider off the end of the zipper as instructed. Suit material and folded over zipper fabric were getting in my way. Being paranoid about not want the teeth to come apart as I removed the pull, I contacted customer service. Absolutely fantastic response and assistance from Jeff. With some help in keeping the teeth intact from my wife, we succeeded in getting the replacement back on, and all is good. Just my luck, Jeff informed me the right leg is about the worst one to work on. Great customer service, and I didn't have to send my suit in for a silly minor repair. (Posted on 4/12/12)
Darien Zipper pack Review by RickR
In my case the zipper kit was great. My Darien is getting worn out a bit from hard use, and I just needed 2 zipper handles. Easy to change them out and get another year or 2 out of the Jacket. (Posted on 3/28/12)
Zipper Repair pack Review by Flyzel
I bought these because the metal pull on the top main zipper on my roadcrafter broke one morning. After about 5 years and over 50,000 miles mind you. I called about repairing it and was told about the pack. I got it within 3 days (Salt Lake City) and tried to put it on myself. I couldn't (I'm generally not very handy. I don't even change my own oil). I took it to a local shoe repair guy and he put it on for me and charged me $20 to do so. So I paid a total of almost $40 to get the zipper fixed. It was done within a week though, so I saved the hassle of sending it back to Aerostitch and doing a whole bunch of other stuff I wanted, but didn't really NEED. Like the waterproof zippers and gussetts cause I'm slightly more robust a person than I was 5 years ago, and I've since purchased all the protectors, hips and back, which take up space inside. Anyway, that's my zipper story. I'd do it again. Plus I've got a bunch of other zippers in case any others break on the suit in the next century... (Posted on 3/13/12)
Customer Service Review by customerservice
Hi there Lee.

The kit does indeed come with instructions. The repair/replacement procedure is fairly straight forward and will be accompanied with the usual "...oh, now I get it" feeling once you've finished the first zipper. Then you'll zip (get it? 'zip') through the other zippers much faster.
Feel free to call in and one of the Order Processors will be happy to help or you could ask for the master himself, 'Jeff the Repair Guru' he'll talk you through it step by step.

Hope this helps.
Customer Service. (Posted on 1/25/12)
How does this repair kit work on a zipper ? Review by Lee
I need to replace the zipper pulls on my Roadcrafter sleeves and pant zipper. Does this kit come with instructions ? I'm no seamstress ! How do you get the zipper mechanism on ? Do you have to remove the whole thing from garment ? Thanks, Lee. (Posted on 1/21/12)
Too expensive Review by Vladimir
$18 for a couple of zipper heads? Really? $900 suit should have better zippers or a few spares should come with it, or at least repair kit should be sold at a reasonable price. Save your money and buy a zipper repair kit for $2 at wall-mart. (Posted on 5/29/11)
Tip: if you're having tro... Review by Wilder Grippo
Tip: if you're having trouble getting your replacement zipper on, try gently prying the slot open (very little) with a thin screwdriver. I struggled for an hour with the little zipper until I did this and it went on easily. You can then crimp it back closed with a pair of pliers once it's on. (Posted on 5/15/09)
I've had my Darien for ab... Review by William Morris
I've had my Darien for about 20,000 miles and used this kit to repair a broken zipper. Great kit. My only comment, is hey...would it kill ya to give me a few more of those little bits? Like the ones that close off the zipper ends once you put the new pull on? There's only 4 in there.

You know "us". We're going to lose 1/2 of them just opening the bag :) Seriously, I'm using them but wanted a few more things for 15 bucks! Thanks for all you do.

Bill (Posted on 10/21/07)
Thanks Bill for the comme... Review by Customer Support
Thanks Bill for the comment, just to let you know we've decided to make it a total of 10 stops in future kits. Again thanks for the heads up on this. (Posted on 4/28/07)

9 Item(s)

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