#3330 Aerostich Mr. Happy Puppet

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Aerostich Mr. Happy Puppet

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Great AmbassadorReview by swoody
While holding on with one hand, MR. HAPPY sticks his head & the other hand out of my tail bag, WAVING, TO ALL

He waves to all who come up behind us and to all we pass...

Such a GREAT AMBASSADOR!!!! (Posted on 10/11/11)
Wheels through time museumReview by james
When I was at the Wheels through time museum in Maggy valley NC the nice girl at the counter stamped my hand with a smiley face to indicate that I had paid. Well I just could not resist whipping out Mr Happy and saying thank you! He liked the place so much (and the pretty girl too) he asked to stay to pass out happy stamps. If you ever pass through NC make sure to stop in and see him and the most amazing collection of motorcycles ever. (Posted on 9/10/11)
Mr. H is the man and everyone should know it!Review by Pete
Mr. H is happy to be home after his release from the "facility." He's been my study companion for the PE (I passed the first time thanks to his kind words, crude guestures, and rude comments) and keeps me motivated at work while staring blankly at my five year old laptop, shooting rubber bands over the cube wall, and attempting to find the motivation to get a big boy job in Denver. Our new hot ginger bookkeeper thinks he's adorable and brought "us" a Cookie Monster cupcake for passing, but I know it's really for him and not me.

Together, Mr. H and I enjoy long walks on the beach, getting lost on our hammered KLRs, watching the yoga pants on the patio, sunsets, and listening to the great philosophers of our time including Mr. T, the Dropkicks, Tristan Prettyman, and Chris Whitley.

In summary, he's the manly man's manly man of action and there's nobody else I'd rather be in guts with. He's such and old soul he never even has to speak, he just knows what I'm thinking. We speak each other's unspoken language fluently... (Posted on 6/30/11)
Does not scare bears.Review by Ez
On a recent trip to Alaska, Mr. Happy was no help with the bears. He was, however, effective helping the RCMP to keep their distance. (Posted on 6/12/11)
what a "mascot"!Review by Jerry
Screw an eagle, dog, or bear for a company mascot, whip out Mr. Happy! My younger siblings just enjoy playing with him, and I do too. He is a very willing travel companion, and doesnt get numb butt (because he's missing that part of anatomy) A snug fit on my average-sized masculine hands, really big-handed folks might actually split Mr. Happys pelt. 5/5 (Posted on 10/2/09)
Very supportive!Review by Krysta
Mr. Happy came along on my IronButt ride in early July '09, and was very supportive in his own quiet way. He even got his own passenger certificate, which Andy now has somewhere at Aerostich. (Posted on 9/23/09)
Mr. happy is absolutely ...Review by John Decker
Mr. happy is absolutely INSANE! He went up to Liz, our new hire, and inquired if the "little girl would like some candy". "Of course", she said. Mr happy, with a few high-pitched grunts, dropped a Hershey's Nugget from his interior into her waiting hand. The ensuing LOOK could have peeled paint. Mr. Happy has since gone missing! It might be a retaliatory kidnapping, but I suspect he's over at the mall trying to look up girl's dresses. Luckily, a few keystrokes can replace him. If finances permit, there may be a Mr. Happy clone army! Look out world! (Posted on 1/20/09)
Having reached that stage...Review by Richard Reed
Having reached that stage in life where kids' college is all paid, they have their own mortgages, and there is now money left over in MY bank account, I blew a wad on a Corvette. I wanted to add a security system to ensure that mine stayed mine, but balked at the prices. Mister Happy Puppet to the Rescue! I just slide HP over the shift knob and he is alert and on guard against any possible miscreant. No matter where I park my fiberglass flyer, it's secure, as no one in their right mind, or wrong mind for that matter, is gonna mess with my car while ol' Hap is smiling at them. Woud you????

Money well spent, and he no longer is bitching about spending the non-riding time all squished up in my tank bag. (Posted on 1/20/09)
Mr. Happy Puppet has surv...Review by Pamela Hottle
Mr. Happy Puppet has survived four trips to Sturgis, which is amazing because he has a bit of a potty mouth after several gin and tonics. He's always a hit around the campfire and is very photogenic. Once he's out of rehab, he'll be going to Biketoberfest in the fall! (Posted on 9/19/07)
I wear a size 91/2 glove ...Review by bruce martin
I wear a size 91/2 glove and Mr. Happy barely fits on my hand. However once he is securely on, his ability to PO my kids is second to none. (Posted on 8/13/07)

Items 11 to 20 of 22 total

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