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#4632 5 Function Digital Meters

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5-Function Digital Meter

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Good and Not So GoodReview by Rex
I seem to have an obsession with knowing the time and temperature, not part of my bike's analog instrument cluster. Also, with the assortment of stuff I've wired to my bike with itslow-electrical output, I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't run down the battery while running stuff, especially a heated vest and auxiliary lights, I figured the voltmeter would be a good addition. Installation was pretty easy once you figure which wires to tap into. I don't know why people are complaining about thin wires--just Velcro the unit to your triple clamps or dash, zip-tie the external sensor to anything (I did this to the underside of part of the front fairing mounting bracket) and no worries. If it does concern you, buy a long length of shrink tubing and put that over the wires BEFORE installing (can't do that afterwards, can you?). THE GOOD: it works! Temperatures seemed accurate, voltage meter seemed accurate, it kept the time, the light worked, and it stayed in place. Not waterproof? It's in the product description, as well as how to make it waterproof, so that's a non-issue, too. THE BAD: because it does not have a back-up battery, and the clock was really my primary need, it was wired to always be ON so the time wouldn't have to be set every time I started the motorcycle. Well, what should have been an insignificant amount of drain on the battery while parked, it was enough such that if the bike sat too long (sometimes a week), I'd end up with a low (or even flat) battery (this wouldn't be an issue with a car and its larger battery). Solution #1) Always connect a trickle-charger when the bike is parked, but that's annoying. Solution #2) remove it and resell it. I then installed a Bell automotive clock/indoor-outdoor thermometer that is battery operated. No problems (and it turned out that my electrical accessories were all easily powered by the bikes generator so no need for the voltmeter). (Posted on 4/1/16)
5 Function Becomes 3 FunctionReview by Donald
Purchased and installed this unit in April 2012. It worked well until wet, dried it out and worked ok. Temperature indication both inside and outside have recently died. Would recommend for use inside a car but not on a motorcycle. I will be removing the unit. (Posted on 9/29/13)
Good voltmeterReview by M
Being a BMW rider I have farkleitus so got one of these five years ago. I put it in the top of the clear map section of my tank bag. The bag goes between three bikes, two of which are airheads and so notorious about running down batteries. It has been a good backup to the on board volt meters. However it consistently reads high (or 'optimistic'). but at least it is consistent. The high voltage sets of the annoying alarm, so thanks to the poster who told us how to disconnect that :). All in all I have found it well worth the price, but YMMV

(Posted on 9/13/13)
Multi meterReview by Shepard
Looks like it's worth $40.....chinese wires are MUCH too thin....looks like a problem...too soon to tell...will eval over next few months...... (Posted on 9/4/12)
5 function digital meterReview by Dan
I have one of these on both of my bikes. the first one I bought, installed on my 1980 Suzuki GS850GL has worked well. The second one is a different story. It's installed on my 1983 Suzuki GS1100G. The clock jumps time, it has a warning beep whenever my rpm drops below 3k, but the voltage is still showing close to 14v. I'm looking for analog gages to replace it. (Posted on 7/23/12)
works butReview by chopper
Purchased a unit about 2 months ago and installed it about 6 weeks ago and have ridden about 700km since. seems to work as advertised, nice display that is readable while riding in full sunlight. On my last ride 2 days ago I noticed that the backlight was not working. Since I am a master electrician the first thing that came to mind was my wiring, but having checked the wiring I am sorry to report the back lights are not working, everything else works but no back light (Posted on 6/19/12)
ExpectationsReview by RandyLove
The wires on this device are very thin and susceptible to breaking if you're not careful. I wish the back lighting was a bit brighter, but for the price it has performed admirably. (Posted on 9/27/11)
Great ProductReview by Rick Hoover
I had one of these on my Goldwing a few years ago. It worked great. I now ride a Ultra Classic Harley. It has a built in volt meter and clock. I found it was not as accurate as this one. I do not use the clock function so I didn't have to wire direct to battery and other wires to key turn on. It works great for my needs. The thermoneter is also very accurate. Easy install. (Posted on 7/25/11)
So far, So good, 2 seasons plus...........Review by The Gunny
I agree with the majority here, it's not waterproof. I've been on many wet rides here in Alaska, the wettest ride was from Anchorage to Homer, rained all the way. The gauge worked fine, until, another rider & I went to a car wash, it didn't survive the direct blast from the wand, before I could stop my buddy. After the ride home, and a few seconds with an air compressor, it still works fine, now on its 3rd season. It lives in a Vetter fairing, up against the windshield, so unless I'm getting blowing rain from the rear, it's protected. I'm about to install another one in a different bike/fairing. I'm hoping that one's as good as the one I have so far. (Posted on 5/27/11)
Waterproofing trickReview by BeemerGarrett
After I read all the reviews of how this unit is great except that it dies immediately if gotten wet, I sought a solution. My electronics store (Fry's) sells 1" clear heat shrink tubing. It slides right over the unit. Cut it a bit long then hit it with your heat gun. Stick a gob of silicone at each end and its water tight. I can still use the start/stop, reset, max/min and clear and the display is very readable. I switched to timer and outside temp before heat shrinking. Oh and BTW, the alarm is wired remote from the board so if it drives you crazy, just unscrew the back and pull the wires loose. But don't lose any of those switches because they jumper contacts on the circuit board. (Posted on 1/31/11)

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