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Compass Clip

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Customer Reviews (10)

78 RPMReview by Jim
Guess I should've read the reviews. Watching this compass while riding is like watching a record set at 78 RPM - spin spin spin. And when it stops spinning (which is when you stop moving) it generally shows north in any direction but north. (Posted on 8/26/16)
Compass ClipReview by RobOn Business
I was reminded how long it's been since I used a compass, after I installed this thing on my handlebars, only to be reminded in short order that compasses don't work around metal or magnetism! So, unfortunately, this compass doesn't work for me. In retrospect, it was evidently obvious to the designer that this would not work from the drawing board. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Thermometer revieewReview by Moto Mike
Doesn't work! It shows exactly opposite of all directions. East is West, etc. How to fix??? Waste of money on this item and returning it will cost too much. (Posted on 10/3/13)
spins like a topReview by highgear
You get what you pay for. Cheap = Cheap. When mounted to the handlebars (as designed), it spins like a top most of the time. Remains mounted simply for its entertainment value. :-/ (Posted on 1/5/12)
7/27/11Review by jdub
I think this compass works awesome! I have a Harley Road Glide, as in a frame mounted fairing. Generally it works very well just to give a general direction. It is not uber accurate, but it will tell you the differencebetween North and South. Even with my speakers it does well, and if I am in doubt I wait until I stop and then turn the handlebars away from the speaker to make sure. I do plan on upgrading my speakers at some point, which I'm sure will contain much larger magnets than stock, hopefully this does not interfere with compass. I think for the price it is well worth the money spent. We'll have to see if it holds up. (Posted on 7/28/11)
I put the compass on my m...Review by Michael Del Cimmuto
I put the compass on my motorcycle's handlebars and I zoomed off. About a mile into my journey I noticed that I was always traveling NORTH. I thought this was strange since the sunset was blinding me from the horizon. Then I said to myself, 'Self, do you think the speakers in your faring could be causing interference?' Well needless to say that college education paid off. Mystery solved. Defiantly remove the compass from the handlebars to get an accurate reading. (Posted on 2/26/09)
Engine electromagnetic fi...Review by WILLIAM ALDRIDGE
Engine electromagnetic fields interfere too much. Didn't hardly work off the bike, either. I definitely would not recommend buying this compass. (Posted on 1/31/09)
Compass has to be removed...Review by Robert Prater
Compass has to be removed from the handlebars to be accurate but I do this all the time while riding to get my bearings. Definitely not a GPS but lots better than nothing. (Posted on 1/23/08)
Only works correctly when...Review by Ben Friedman
Only works correctly when balanced or leveled perfectly. I would expect a motorcycle application to be a bit more forgiving. (Posted on 9/19/07)
I have bought two of thes...Review by William Cox
I have bought two of these as I thought them a clever design and assumed they would be invaluable to orient myself while traveling. They fit the handlebars of my Suzuki Bandit and looked great. Unfortunately, neither worked at all. I wasn't expecting much for the price but I had high hopes. The first lost its liquid after a year. The second never could find north -- on or off the bike. I am now back to using my Boy Scout hand held compass. (Posted on 2/14/07)