Undo Workshop Switch

Undo Workshop Switch

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Customer Reviews (3)

It works... I thinkReview by esco
I tried it after a particularly @#$%^&! bad mistake with a chisel. A flash of light, and, uh... why did I walk in the shop?
(Posted on 10/29/16)
It didn't work for me in ...Review by Mike Knight
It didn't work for me in the shop. As a test I drove a nail into my motorcycle tire and pushed the button. The light flashed and the nail was still there. However, my wife now says she is no longer pregnant! A miracle device. (Posted on 12/23/08)
Bogus! I bought two for ...Review by James Thomas
Bogus! I bought two for my nephew... he's still doin dumbass stuff. But, maybe it's just him.... (Posted on 2/27/07)