Invisible Milk Crate

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Invisible Milk Crate

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Customer Reviews (7)

Good idea, but...Review by MattTheHat
I've purchased about a dozen of these for use in my garage. Yeah, the idea is great, but since they're invisible, I keep stubbing my friggin' toes on them. I guess if I had some invisible garage slippers, the problem would be solved, but then again, I'd probably never be able to find them. (Posted on 4/13/11)
It's a great product, but...Review by Gabe
It's a great product, but I have an old Triumph, and whenever I hit a bump, get caught in the rain, exceed 75 mph, decelerate to under 48 mph, or wear a yellow t-shirt the electrical system cuts out intermittently, causing whatever was in the containment (Posted on 4/30/09)
Would give it 'excellent'...Review by Pete
Would give it 'excellent' rating, but product emits tachyon particles when I'm cloaked, rendering me detectable to the Federation. (Posted on 4/22/09)
Great product. However, ...Review by Jack Mahogof
Great product. However, I can not find it (Posted on 3/29/09)
I've seen these on other ...Review by Byron Griffin
I've seen these on other websites and considered purchasing. I do have several questions though. I ride a CBR1100XX and while the alternator is fairly robust, I also have an air horn, an autocom and 2 .17 Gatling guns with an electrical firing system. So my questions are: 1) What is the base amp draw? 2) If anyone has tried this, Can you set the crate to full size, fill it and then reduce to half size without damaging the contents,(packing for trips and the like where this would just reduce the air inside)? 3) If someone has tried this, what is the amp draw for half power and on a 12V system, how long is this sustainable? 4) Does the bag become aerodynamic or is it a set shape? I tend to ride fast and don't want it causing too much turbulence and slowing me down.

Any help would be appreciated...
Dos (Posted on 10/21/08)
If anyone is interested, ...Review by Jan Miller
If anyone is interested, I have a VINTAGE reddish-orange specimen, from Missouri originally in 1970. It has been used for DT1's, SL350's, DT125's, Suzuki 185's, and other motorcycles. Both to hold them up for tire changes, and inverted for parts-getting. Also held milk bottles once in a happier time.
Consider selling for $62,000... O.B.O. No particle emissions. (Posted on 12/14/07)
My former next door neigh...Review by Jim Wayne
My former next door neighbor, Fert Berfle, bought one of these with which he was very satisfied until the storm. When the lightning hit the crate, however, it instantly expanded to a volume of 8,000 cubic meters, engulfing him, his bike, his house, and much of the surrounding terrain. Then the entire container and its contents vanished.

I was able to persuade his widow, the voluptuous and newly-rich Cindy Lou Berfle, not to sue. She and I are currently vacationing in Cancun.

Add Cindy Lou Berfle to your list of contented customers! (Posted on 9/17/07)