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Customer Reviews (3)

Try My New ProductReview by Cole (The Inventor)
We often heard from hardcore IBMWR riders how disappointed they were when they sent their Aerostich suits in for some Bambi or distracted soccer mom induced repair and it came back CLEAN! Basically, years of riding were eliminated in a single spin cycle. Wasn't a damaged or totaled bike enough?

Around the turn of the century, the Winklevoss twins (Bob and Mark) and I diligently worked a formula that allowed riders to get their street cred or crud back. Our early formulas did not address those who rode in the desert or off-road. While we filled that gap and our product has been wildly successful (Gold AeroStich Supplier Award winner since 2002), something was missing. While riders looked great, they were really only 20 footers. The reason is that we did not have the AUTHENTIC SMELLS associated with days in your AeroStich riding through Death Valley on 110 degree days or distinct odor of commuting in DC traffic in all weather. Rather, everyone smelled lilac fresh.

So, I am pleased to announce our NEW and IMPROVED product AUTHENTIKRUD WITH ODOR KEEPER!

Our new product will sure to please as it you not only look good, but smell like you should! In fact, the new formula is soooo good, you will be invited to sit at Mike Kneebone's table.

We are also working on a special helmet lining spray formula to replace the off-gassing of the plastics of a new helmet and to complete your "appearance."

So, write, call, harass on social media Aerostich and tell them you want "Odor Keeper"!
(Posted on 10/31/16)
Nobody believed it was le...Review by Oliver Klozov
Nobody believed it was legit. Perhaps the combination of the Roadcrafter, flip-flops, and excessive biker jargon sent up a red flag. Perhaps bundle w/ a "How to look extra hard-core" booklet? (Posted on 11/12/08)
Guys, if this is as succe...Review by Colin Dowse
Guys, if this is as successful as sprayonmud you will have a winner - have a look at the NEWS page on - Good Luck (Posted on 5/31/08)