Analog GPS

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Analog GPS

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Customer Reviews (10)

I am a Harley rider. Does...Review by Peter Southam
I am a Harley rider. Does this unit come in solid chrome and can it be welded to the bike so it won't vibrate off?

What kind of oil should I use for the rack and worm gear: regular, synthetic or synthetic blend? Are there any reports fo drive failure for this model.

Finally, I don't wear a helmet so I'm a little concerned about the sharp edges.. oh, wait a minute, I said I was a Harley rider...nevermind. (Posted on 3/17/09)
It is hard to see via the...Review by HLK
It is hard to see via the eye piece sitting so low. When raised it causes too much wind resistance ... and did I mention the fact that you need to see the sun or moon to fully use it - not to mention the "chapmans" that is needed for reference. (Posted on 10/16/08)
This system is technicall...Review by Gary Wasserman
This system is technically incomplete. You would need to add a highly accurate timepiece for longitude calculations in order to locate yourself on the earth's surface. For that price you could throw in the chrongraph and make this truly useful. (Posted on 8/23/08)
I found Analog GPS just a...Review by Bill Cordeiro
I found Analog GPS just a little bit difficult for city riding until I read the directions (go figure) and found the false horizon feature (not included with those electronic gadjets).

I really like the feature of not having to download maps evertime I go to a new area.

One draw back that I noticed is the availibilty of Nautical Almanc's. I didn't see them offered at Barnes & Nobel.

I fine product, indeed. (Posted on 3/2/08)
As a new rider, I thought...Review by RT
As a new rider, I thought I'd better use the "tried and true" equipment before worrying with a bunch of new-fangled electronic gizmos. I have enough going on as it is what with the nitrous system and the cupholder.

Boy was that a mistake! The mounting process was easy enough once I figured out the arc-welder, but the stupid eyepiece scratched my brand new faceplate. You'd think for $3,117 they'd include a friggin' soft-cover.

Ah well... live and learn. (Posted on 12/31/07)
Is there a titanium versi...Review by phil musante
Is there a titanium version? Oh by the way, is a bottle opener an option? (Posted on 12/24/07)
It's hard to get a good s...Review by John Beaver
It's hard to get a good sighting while leaned over in a corner. Works better on the straight-a-ways! (Posted on 10/22/07)
I cannot get the battery ...Review by Stephen!
I cannot get the battery compartment open. Besides, I misunderstood the name. I thought it was two words vice one. :( (Posted on 9/23/07)
Jeez, what a rip-off! I ...Review by CD
Jeez, what a rip-off! I thought at LEAST you would have a C.Plath or Tamaya Spica. This is just a cheap Indian-made knock-off, not accurate or anything! Without the mount they are $40-$50 on eBay!

Even Astra IIIBs are only about $510. That's an AWFUL lot for mount...You should AT LEAST toss in a couple of years' subscriptions to The Nautical Almanac, not to mention HO 249!

BTW, does it come with a horizon???

(LOL!) (Posted on 5/16/07)
My 916 seems to color cla...Review by James Stinnett
My 916 seems to color clash with this particular unit. The least you could do is make one in titianium or brushed alloy! But it has served me well at Laguna Seca though, I can quickly calculate my lap times and no need to replace batteries. Is it true next year's update will include deer whistles? (Posted on 3/29/07)