E-Z Fill Nozzle Key

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E-Z Fill Nozzle Key

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Customer Reviews (10)

E-Z (?) NozzleReview by Dave
Received the E-Z Nozzle earlier this week, and tried using it on a trip to Ojai. The gas station had slightly different nozzles than I am used to in the LA area, but the E-Z Nozzle wouldn't work, so I put it away and continued to fill the tank the normal way with me manually holding back the shutoff spring. i will try it again next re-fill, but have mixed feelings about it at this point - not sure this was money well spent and certainly glad I didn't buy a spare. (Posted on 1/31/16)
Works well -- be careful, it is sharpReview by Ed
This is the greatest gadget. But, because the edges are sharp they will scratch around the gas filler, tank, or cap. Sadly, I left this one attached to the gas pump on my last fill up at Chevron and will have to order another. I am going to try the plastic version card this time. (Posted on 4/8/15)
Nifty tool for dealing with CA sillinessReview by Ben
I wish there were more tools as affordable and efficient as this one to deal with all the post-Orwellian universal control innovations that California's civil servants think up while choking down tax-payer subsidized donuts around the break room tables. (I understand there's a rule that no new regulations are to be suggested or even day-dreamed about until one has finished swallowing all her donut and washed it down with some Starbucks, due to the choking danger of chewing combined with malevolent laughter. There have been fatalities. (Posted on 1/19/14)
Love these things!Review by Blake
I managed to hang onto one for several years, but somehow lost it on my last trip. Curses! I bought three more just so I'd have ready extras in case it ever happens again. If you live or ride in a state that has those obnoxious vapor recovery gas nozzles, you owe it to yourself to get one of these. (They make great stocking stuffers… hint, hint!) (Posted on 10/27/12)
Does what it's supposed toReview by Ranger_Shawn
What can I say about it? It does what it's supposed to do. It keeps the gas flowing so you don't have to constantly pull back on the vapor recovery thing. It's a nice convenience. (Posted on 2/8/12)
E-Z fill keyReview by Dave H
If you have A BMW and live in California the key is a great help. (Posted on 2/6/12)
EZ Fill keyReview by Uncle Nick
Love it, just can't seem to hang on to it, because everyone else loves it too! (Posted on 9/12/11)
Worth Twice the Price!!Review by Davest
Seriously! Every rider should carry one of these. If it only saves you from one instance of splashing yourself with petrol, it's worth it. I mean, come on! $8.00? That's a latte and a cookie at Starbucks! Buy a dozen and be the hero of your riding crew. But keep a couple for yourself because they have a habit of magically disappearing once people see what they are for. (Posted on 8/3/11)
Gotta HaveReview by Rooter
If you live in California yuh gotta have one of these.
Best gadget I've ever owned! (Posted on 1/7/10)
Good Stuff!Review by Duane
This thing works great for me. I consider it a "must have" for travel to the left coast.

I stuck a little duct tape on it to prevent it from scratching my fairing pocket. (Posted on 12/2/09)