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#3967 3D Bass Helmet Speakers

3D Bass Helmet Speakers #3967

21 Review(s)

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Still going strong.... Review by 990 Adventure Rider
I bought a set of these 2 years ago, since then I have logged over 11,000 miles and these have always been on. I use the Boostaroo amp to help drive them from my MP3 player.

I find that these work very well, you will not be able to listen to an audio book and hear every word crystal clear, but I can enjoy my favorite albums and have the piece of mind that I can still hear my bike and what's going on around me.

Thickness of the speaker was an issue so I had to shave some foam from my cheek/ear pads in my XD so they wouldn't rub on my ears.

I have been very happy with them and will buy another set if and when my first set wear out. (Posted on 7/16/10)
Aerostich Customer Service Review by customerservice
This item has been available for several years. Last year about 7% of these helmet speakers were returned. Returns don't all involve a defective function. The return rate here indicates that although there have been several problems, many have been satisfied. Aerostich products may be returned for a full - no questions- refund within 30 days of purchase. Aerostich Customer Service. (Posted on 6/25/10)
Should have read the reviews first... Review by dk9567
Wish I would have ordered on-line and then I could have read the reviews - AND NOT ORDERED! What all the other disappointed buyers said is true. (Posted on 6/24/10)
Good audio, but wears out fast! Review by Jason B.
These are very nice speakers, with a good universal installation option - the backs of each speaker has the stiff velcro, and sticks easily to any soft helmet interior.

The sound quality is very good, and volume should be no issue on any bike with actual mufflers. (you straight-pipe guys, well, you're on your own but you knew that dincha?)

The problem comes from all the other stuff associated with the speakers. The velcro on the back of the speaker that holds firmly to the fabric interior of the helmet will rip away from the speaker eventually. The connector wire that has the volume rheostat is cheaply made, and stopped working within about 2 weeks. (Got a 7 dollar replacement at Radio Shack that has lasted a year.) Finally, the pads that fit around the speakers will tear.

For 57 dollars, I expected a slightly more robust product. What I got was quality helmet speakers whose ancillary parts (pads, velcro, volume knob) are all complete trash. (Posted on 10/16/09)
The last two sets of helm... Review by Steve Brown
The last two sets of helmet speakers I have purchased here have had wire failures within 6 months while the ones I purchased 6 years ago are still going strong. Go figure! (Posted on 7/29/08)
I purchased these speaker... Review by Dale Marcus
I purchased these speakers at first I found them to be much better than the sony headphones I cut apart and stuffed in the speaker pockets in my helmet. I was using a standard Boostaroo to get the audio past my ear plugs, but it just didn't have the boost I needed. I upgraded to the new boostaroo revolution and I the sound quality from the speakers went right into the toilet. I am going to move them to my back up helmet and go to a nice set of ear speakers. Disappointed in the performance based on price paid. Not valued added. (Posted on 7/11/08)
I tried these speakers an... Review by Charles Adams
I tried these speakers and found them to be weak to the point of being useless. There is no way they would overcome road noise and or earplugs. They are basically Sony walkman headphones without the head bracket. turned up to full volume they sounded like a mouse getting its tail twisted to me. Useless... Don't waste your money. (Posted on 4/22/08)
Replaced the "disappointi... Review by Jimmy Williams
Replaced the "disappointing" Chatterbox helmet speakers with these and the difference is amazing.

I love my Chatterbox but...... they should be using these instead of the "cheap", low quality speakers they furnish with the headset. (Posted on 4/11/08)
I must have gotten a defe... Review by jeffrey meleg
I must have gotten a defective pair. I have a set of Chatterbox speakers in my helmet. I thought they sounded a bit "tinny", so when my Girlfriend wanted helmet speakers I bought these for her because of the better bass response. Totally dissappointing. They warble badly when there is any bass in the music. and the sound is very anemic, even with a post amp. overall they seem cheap (not inexpensive though), weak, and distort anything played through them. (Posted on 2/5/08)
Charles, Helmet audio per... Review by Customer Support
Charles, Helmet audio performance varies depending on the qualities of the speakers, the helmet - how quiet it is and how close the speakers are to the wearer's ears and how good the speakers are (these are excellent compared to most), the power received (either direct from the audio source or though a mini-amp), the wind noise (speed of the bike plus or minus any ambient wind, and the fairing shape and size), and the loudness of the motorcycle. In adverse conditions, no helmet speakers are as good as earplug speakers, but to get a lot more from these, try adding a mini-amp like the Bosteroo, Cat#: 3075 Price: $27.00, can make a noticeable difference. (Posted on 4/3/07)

Items 11 to 20 of 21 total

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