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#4266 Hygrometer Thermometer

Hygrometer Thermometer #4266

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Aerostich Customer Service Review by customerservice
This Hygrometer/Thermometer is not extreme waterproof unless modified (open case, silicone seal, close). Mr. Subjective uses several of these on several bikes, with varying amounts of waterproof sealing modification. All have been imperfect but also 'good enough' to have lasted more than a few years with lots of rain event exposure. Water gets inside after a while, then they dry out and the battery gets replaced. Still the best handlebar thermometer solution we've found. (Posted on 1/6/15)
Hygrometer/Thermometer Review by TOS
First, hope this is a weatherproof unit. Pix showed strapped to handlebar, so I assume it is, just doesn't look like it.
Second, I had to stick a very small strip of the double side tape (only exposed one side) to the bottom, inside the battery compartment. Then another piece (square) to the back side of the battery door, so the battery would make connection with the contacts. It would work fine, gently holding with a finger, but would not contact with battery door closed. I hope it will not continuously lose contact on bumps. Guess a few rides will tell that.
Last, I will have to rig something to hold battery door closed. Just doesn't "click" like it should (with or without modifying the battery compartment. I fear if I don't do this I'll look down, no display, then look for the little door on the roadside. :( (Posted on 1/4/15)

2 Item(s)

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What’s cool about this Mini Hygrometer-Thermometer? It’s sensitive, accurate and quick-responding enough to put a useful number against immediate ambient conditions in real-time. The humidity percentage is particularly cool. As you ride closer to rain, the percentage of moisture in the air steadily increases. (Not raining yet, but you are riding closer and closer.) This instrument lets you predict not only the weather many miles ahead, but when air is hot and dry you’ll also know exactly how desiccating it is. You might not think this is interesting, but turns out it is. Lastly, it’s small and easy put anywhere, too.

- Mr. Subjective 8/13


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