#4266 Hygrometer Thermometer

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Hygrometer Thermometer

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Customer Reviews (7)

Didn't work for meReview by John
This failed for me on multiple fronts. First, it was never very accurate, and in warm weather tended to be off by as much as 17 degrees F. Second, it went through batteries at much too fast a clip. Finally, the negative battery contact snapped off and into the bin the unit went, not to be replaced with another of this particular item. (Posted on 3/1/18)
Hygrometer ThermometerReview by Ron
Another great product sold by Aerostich, all of your products I have are first class, thanks for your great efforts. (Posted on 12/11/17)
Hygrometer ThermometerReview by Zorro
Right after I received this Hygrometer Thermometer, I tested attaching it to the handle bar. After traveling over gravel/bumpy roads, it looked like it was ready to depart (leave) my motorcycle. When I got back home, I got out some stick on Velcro (male & female) and attached it to the back, over the trap door. This sealed the back from moisture and now stays securely to any surface. Having the Hygrometer Thermometer sitting in front of me while on the road is comforting and quite accurate. (Posted on 11/28/15)
Somehow Still WorksReview by Ted
I can't believe this thing. For $15, I didn't expect much. This has been frozen, rained on, pressure washed (indirectly), and exposed to searing heat and blinding sunlight for days on end. Somehow, it still works. I never sealed it up either. The temp and humidity is very accurate, I've checked it with against other gauges. I also enjoy watching the humidity fluctuate during a ride, especially when gaining altitude. My riding buddies always ask for updates, even the beemer guys who have a temp gauge, but not a humidity gauge! (Posted on 10/28/15)
EconomicalReview by Michael
I was attracted to the device because I have had temperature indicators on previous bikes like a Victory and BMW.Ones I looked at were expensive so when I saw this in the Aerostich catalog I was impressed enough to order one.
The instructions accompanying the unit made a big deal about the humidity indicator.
The reason for this, I found, is that the hygrometer is fast acting. The temperature not so much. It changes eventually but if you ride from a lower alttitude of maybe 2000 ft. to 5000ft. in 2 miles the temperature doesn't keep up.
Probably useful for some applications, not so much on a motorcycle.
Best part: It's inexpensive. (Posted on 6/26/15)
Aerostich Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
This Hygrometer/Thermometer is not extreme waterproof unless modified (open case, silicone seal, close). Mr. Subjective uses several of these on several bikes, with varying amounts of waterproof sealing modification. All have been imperfect but also 'good enough' to have lasted more than a few years with lots of rain event exposure. Water gets inside after a while, then they dry out and the battery gets replaced. Still the best handlebar thermometer solution we've found. (Posted on 1/6/15)
Hygrometer/ThermometerReview by TOS
First, hope this is a weatherproof unit. Pix showed strapped to handlebar, so I assume it is, just doesn't look like it.
Second, I had to stick a very small strip of the double side tape (only exposed one side) to the bottom, inside the battery compartment. Then another piece (square) to the back side of the battery door, so the battery would make connection with the contacts. It would work fine, gently holding with a finger, but would not contact with battery door closed. I hope it will not continuously lose contact on bumps. Guess a few rides will tell that.
Last, I will have to rig something to hold battery door closed. Just doesn't "click" like it should (with or without modifying the battery compartment. I fear if I don't do this I'll look down, no display, then look for the little door on the roadside. :( (Posted on 1/4/15)