#4985 E-Fill Siphon

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E-Fill Siphon

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Boring ReviewReview by Lex
Just another boring, positive review. I was using a transfer pump, it worked but was bulky and difficult to use. I left the case at home and put the siphon and cloth in heavy plastic bag and then in an unused fairing pocket. I haven't needed it the the field but it worked great in my tests, I pumped gas from the tank into the small fuel bottle I carry and then from the bottle to the bike's tank. No problems, no spills, easy. I took advantage of the different shape of the fairing pocket to eliminate the kinks in the fuel line. I'm impressed. Know anybody who might want a transfer pump, cheap? (Posted on 6/5/13)
the right stuffReview by toes
From reading the previous reviews I knew to take the hose out of the package and let the kinks come out. I am going on a 3,000 mile motorcycle ride through some extreme back roads and wouldn't leave home without it. I coiled the hose in my saddle bag as opposed to storing it in the container. (Posted on 4/3/12)
Whoo-eee! It works! You gotta get one! Review by Tommy Gunn
Who-o-o-ee! It works jus like you said alright right out of the box. Except for a few "kinks", if you now what I mean. Me an my brother Billy took turns who could suck a gallon of gas out a the neighbors tank the fastest. Billy could do it in a couple jerks, course he has them limp wrists. It worked great in motorcycle tanks, not so good in my uncles truck. But we only had a few minutes before he caught us. I'm buying one these for my Ma for Mother's Day!
I like to test a product and my ability to use it BEFORE I need it. The product actually does work very well, right out of the box. Very simple instructions, product is well made from quality materials. I worked the kinks out by hand, rolling them between my fingers and thumb. I tested it by siphoning water from a sink into a gallon jug. It started siphoning with only a few quick shakes and siphoned a gallon within 3-4 minutes. It works fantastically in a motorcycle gas tank, for which it was designed. However, I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS PRODUCT IN A CAR OR TRUCK. (I was joking above). If you get the end of the e-Fill Siphon stuck down in a car's gas tank, your bike being out of gas will be the least of your problems.

Here's an easy solution to the kinking problem. Refold the line in slightly longer lengths so that the "kinks" are in the middle of the length instead of at the end. This will keep the kinks from reforming at the same spots. The storage case is a little longer but that is small price to pay for no kinks. (Posted on 4/3/12)
E-Fill SiphonReview by David
Great product for when you have ridden past the last station and find out there isn't another one available for many more miles. (Posted on 1/11/12)
Works, but first . . .Review by Joe T.
The first time I needed this, it was 30 degrees outside. It was so cold , I could not get the kinks out of the line. I was also trying to pump from a scooter tank that was in the bottom frame of the scooter less than a foot off the ground. Needless to say I was at the mercy of road service. The battery finally ran down from using the emergency flashers and trying to charge my cell phone.. When gas arrived, I couldn't start the bike and had to wait for a motorcycle tow truck. All in all it took 5 hours to get home from 16 miles away. The next day I tested the siphon in the kitchen sink and it worked perfectly.

Here's some advice, take the siphon out of the container when you receive it and get the kinks out of the line and then coil it for storage (no kinks). I've used a heat gun to try and soften the line and it is better and useable, but still not completely round. (Posted on 12/20/11)
item works as indicatedReview by Schu
Being the typical Boy Scout, hope to never need it for myself but others I ride width have appreciated that we had a solution. Unit works as described. (Posted on 10/21/11)
wonderful productReview by Bur
I couldn't believe how easy the siphon was to use. we went dirt biking in the UP and took the funnel to transfer fuel from a bike with a big tank. Didn't even get any fuel on my hands. Unbelievable! No more worries about how to carry extra fuel. (Posted on 8/25/11)
works as advertisedReview by Thomas
I recently bought this product and had the opportunity to use it on my trip to Sturgis. I would make one comment that is not obvious by the advertisement and that is that the hose gets pretty kinked up keeping it in the small container (which will affect flow of gas). This was obvious from the moment I unpacked it. The instructions admit this and state that the hose should be worked back and forth to get the kinks out before use. I found that it took more than a few minutes to get the kinks out which was assisted by laying the tube in the sun to warm it up and soften it. I keep my tube outside of the container coiled at the bottom of my saddle back so it doesnt have kinks. Somewhat defeats the "small package" feature but the coiled tube doesn't take up much room. Otherwise it worked great and had me back on the road in minutes! (Posted on 8/12/11)
Great ProductReview by John
Only had the E-Fill a few weeks and already used it twice. I have a GS Adventure (big tank) and have helped an english rider who didn't realise that the petrol stations in the north of Scotland were infrequent - dead easy to use with NO mess or petrol in the mouth! The other use was with a mate who is always running out - he was impressed
by the gadget. Now never go out without it.

(Posted on 7/28/11)
Won't tour without itReview by leroy
Bought it for tour of the back roads of the west & Rockies and because of the reviews. Haven't had to use it but won't tour without it. (Posted on 11/30/10)

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