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Ear Cannon Air Horn

Ear Cannon Air Horn #3837

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Must have accessory Review by pJarhead
I had one of these on my 2007 Honda Shadow 750, but where I initially mounted it, there was some contact between the horn and the back of the front fender on hard stops. Eventually, the trumpet piece fell off somewhere on my commute. When I got a replacement a couple weeks ago, I mounted it on the left engine guardbar, clear from any contact. Had to fabricate a bracket that I attached to a highway peg clamp - too easy. I got the replacement just in time, as I was riding that first weekend through town and had an SUV try to change lanes on top of me. The blast made him drop his cell phone and he almost overcorrected into the oncoming traffic. Now I'm working on turning the compressor from the first cannon into a portable tire inflator.... (Posted on 6/12/13)
Great product, good price, required custom install Review by Lincoln
I wanted a louder-than-stock horn and this is it. It was too big to fit on my 2001 Bonneville, but I was able to disassemble it and mount the compressor under my seat and the horn on the frame without too much trouble, see description here:
http://www.docspopuli.org/articles/Motorycle_airhorn_installation.html (Posted on 5/29/13)
Ear Cannon Review by Doyle
Installed this on my 2013 Moto Guzzi Stone. This horn is great. Very loud, and very easy to install with the plug and wiring harness. Now if I can only get someone to cut me off! (Posted on 5/28/13)
Quite sufficient Review by Alex
I needed a better horn for my Aprilia Futura and this seemed to be the one to order. It certainly is bigger than the stock horn, so much so that I ultimately wound up mounting it inside the fairing and aimed down at the front wheel. Having the expensive installation kit was worth the money, incidentally. Anyway, it doesn't sound so much like a diesel train or truck as it does a 1958 Cadillac. In other words, it is, literally, nice AND loud. No disappointments; money well spent. (Posted on 3/15/13)
Look out cages! Review by Tom
I just replaced my 7 year old air horn on my Harley with a new Ear Cannon. It is not only louder than my old air horn, it was a third of the price. Easy install. Great Horn! (Posted on 2/15/13)
Absolutely amazing! Review by weeeezzll
I had this on back order for months, and i'm glad I didn't give up on it. Stebel finally got things worked out and started shipping them again and I finally got mine in January 2013.

I was able to securely mount mine to the existing horn bracket on my 2005 ZX-6R which was surprising. I thought for sure I would have to bury it under a fairing and fabricate a bracket for it. It was a tight fit though, and when the wheel is at full turn to the right, it does touch ever so slightly but not enough to cause the horn to move. But since the stock horn bracket has a bushing to allow some flex even it if touched it wouldn't be a problem. I did need to add a single bolt through the top hole of the mount part of the horn to help lock in the screw that is included and ensure that it didn't come off.

I ride my bike hard in the curves, do wheelies and even like to catch some air over the railroad tracks by my house. I haven't had a single problem with it...and even the most distracted driver hears me now. The other day at the train crossing after the train honked, I laid on the horn button and it was loud enough to get the conductor to stick his head out and look to see where it was coming from. I did it again and his head was quickly replaced by a thumbs up...

Of all of the various upgrades on my bike this is hand down my favorite. I'll be putting one on every vehicle I own from now on... (Posted on 1/28/13)
Probably saved my life yesterday Review by Dave
Yesterday I was following a slow tourist for quite a few miles on a winding mountain road. . .with no place to pass safely. When I finally rounded a curve and saw dotted line ahead. . . I headed for daylight. . . and the tourist abruptly TURNED LEFT RIGHT INTO ME without checking her mirror or signaling. But my thumb sits on the horn button now, WHENEVER I pass, ever since installing this monster. I ABSOLUTELY BLASTED HER just in time, and she SWERVED back into her own lane.. from the look on her face I think she may have swallowed her teeth. But I'M ALIVE thanks to this EXTREMELY LOUD HORN.
Get one. Unlike OEM horns, it GETS RESULTS. Good product, easy install IF you can find a spot to hang it, may save your life some day. I have them on both my BMW's and will put one on my son's Wee an as soon as I can figure out where to hang the beast (they're large). Use sparingly. (Forgive all the CAPS, but YOU'LL UNDERSTAND IF YOU TRY ONE OF THESE). (Posted on 8/21/12)
Amazing Horn Mounted on Burgman AN 400 Review by aBIZinaBOZ
This horn is nothing short of STUNNING....it has the ability to blast a cretin that is texting or putting on make up into the next century!!.....and it may save your life.....I came up with a very unique mounting system....custom machined a bracket...got a bunch of fancy stainless steel socket head cap screws....drilled holes in my Givi windscreen and mounted the horn to the front. At that level and not buried in the guts of the bike it sounds like a freight train!! (Posted on 8/4/12)
Awesome Air Horns Review by Mike
If you are a shy, quiet person, don't buy this. If you want to scare the $#%& out of some who is about to drive you into an accident, GET IT NOW! This is the best accesory a motorcyclist can add to a bike. I'm getting one for my other 2 bikes and my Z71 truck. I may even put one on my wife's Tahoe.

These are freaking LOUD and worth every dB and penny. Other riders love it and want to know where to get one. Did I mention they are FREAKING LOUD? I rode over 10,000 miles (not K's, miles) to Alaska and back from Oklahoma and will never leave home without one again. I would even caution riders to use them selectively. Sometimes it might do more damage than good. An quick easy little "Toot-Toot" is all that's needed. A long hold on the horn button will send residents in Oklahoma scurrying for storm shelters. The quick connect kit made installation a breeze and it is big enough that finding a mounting location on some bikes may be an issue. You cannot mount it on the flimsy OEM stamped bracket on most bikes.

Again this is a loud attention getting noise maker and discretion when to use is required. You will force unattentive drivers in the ditch, but isn't that why we buy them in the first place?

Quality piece at a reasonable price. And it Areostitch sells them, you know they are a good product. (Posted on 7/30/12)
Ear Cannon Review by BK in Tucson, AZ
Good horn, loud; to the point it makes the dog cry.
A little bulky so make sure your have room to install. Mine is a 2011 Vulcan Voyager.
Installation is easy but recommend you also purchase the Plug-n-Play Wiring Harness; definitely worth the $10 extra. (Posted on 6/22/12)

Items 11 to 20 of 80 total

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